Chinese Teen Kills Eight, Wounds Five in Knife Attack

Via Raw Story:

The 17-year-old, which was identified only by his surname Li, barged into the home of his girlfriend armed with a knife following an argument and killed two relatives of the girl, the Legal Daily said.

As he left his girlfriend’s home in Liaoning province’s Xinbin county, he stabbed six more people to death and wounded five, it said.

He was arrested at the scene of the attack, late on Wednesday night, and was taken into custody, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

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  • CosmicAmazing

    This a tragedy, but it’s one more example of how gun control will not prevent human intent.  

  • Sean

    gun control wont completely stop certain humans behaving like this, but it will certainly limit it. he killed 8 people with a knife, imagine how many would be dead if he had a gun.

    • Richard

      One.  After hearing the gun go off, they would have stopped him, and 7 lives would have been saved.

    • Imagine

      “imagine how many would be dead if he had a gun” Or you could imagine what would have happened if any one of those eight had been armed…they would have taken this fucker down within seconds. 

      • Calypso_1

        Here’s a number of well armed police officers being taken out after they surrounded a man with a knife…certainly the correct tactical move would have been to shoot as soon as he didn’t surrender the weapon, but don’t assume that individuals armed with guns are invincible against a knife.  The man was shot and kept on attacking. 

        • Liam_McGonagle

          Not that I would have done any better in the heat of the moment, but I can see a kind of grim hilarity in the prospect of one officer accidentally shooting his comrade on the otherside of the ring.

          • Calypso_1

            That is a significant risk.  Especially if the assailant is adept at human shielding.

          • Liam_McGonagle

            Pure speculation on my part, as I freely admit to having only a passing interest in the topics of physical restraint, confrontation, or conflict, but my guess is that the decision has to be made very early and quickly–before the knife-wielder can get close enough to one of the officers so that he/she functions as a sort of human shield.

            I don’t know if I could make that kind of decision myself.  Taking a life in any circumstances must be troubling–imagine having to overcome the illusion that a lone knife wielder five yards away doesn’t present an immediate risk to five officers armed with guns.

            Any officer with a brain knows he/she is always going to be 2nd guessed by an armchair warrior, and that must create hesitation.

            Not that the armchair warrior doesn’t fulfill some utility in this schema, it’s not an unambiguous one.

    • Jesus Borg

       Imagine what he could have done with an atomic bomb?!!!???

    • CosmicAmazing

      I imagine it would depend on the ammunition capacity of the gun. A knife does not need reloading. So the knife would allow him to kill more people whilst the gun would limit the number of casualties by the number of rounds. There is also the argument that if the victims had guns they would have had the means to defend themselves. Either way, NO type of restrictions on weapons is going to stop a human from doing what they desire. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

  • Jesus Borg

    Imgaine what he could have done with Dim mak?

  • Richard

    Obviously, we need intrernational knife-control laws.  You can damn well tear that steak apart with your teeth and bare hands.  At least I will be safe at the table next to you knowing that you won’t be able to stab me if you happen to go berserk.  Now, about that FORK you have there…

    • Jesus Borg

       Dim Mak, Dude, The death touch, what about that?

      • Nunzio X

        It works best when you touch your opponent really hard and fast with the point of a knife.

    • Calypso_1

      I could always eat your face.

      • Jin The Ninja

         ‘eating people is wrong.’

  • Zenc

    This is what happens with half-hearted measures.

    Many generations ago, the Chinese outlawed forks and transitioned to peaceful “Chop Stick” technology.

    Alas, they didn’t have the Political Will to go all the way and outlaw all Imperialistic Western Silverwear, so knives remain.

    I just hope that they’re able to successfully disrupt the inevitable “Spoon Massacre”.

    • Liam_McGonagle

      You know you can hone the edge of a chop stick to some pretty nasty utility by an operation as simple as friction against a stone surface.

      There were some pretty interesting experiments in upholstering every exposed surface in a few pilot communities.  Only problem was, in the interest of cost effectiveness, they resorted to formaldehyde-finished fabrics.  Everyone died slow painful deaths from cancer.

    • Calypso_1

      Damn’t Zenc, now we’ve got to move up the time line. 
      Nothing says fear quite like orbital extraction.

  • Matt Staggs

    Paging Jin The Ninja. 

    • Jin The Ninja


      • Matt Staggs

        Damn, that was quick! Anyway, thought you’d probably have an interesting take on this in light of the recent debates on gun control here. 

        • Jin The Ninja

          i appreciate your interest, although i am not sure if my opinion on this is particularly worthy of mention.

          like i stated in the forum re: gun rights-  it is NOT about state interventionism in so much as it is about engaging with a culture of violence. i am NOT positing that china and america are socio-culturally parallel- they have distinct models. china has very few social safety nets.
          mental healthcare is abysmal, as is the social perception of mental illness.
          however what china and the US have in common is a very vociferous capitalist and consumerist paradigm.  a mantra i often repeat (usually not so concisely) is that capitalism IS violence. and the raw story alludes to that (in an esoteric liberal roundabout way)- in engaging the relationship between deep social inequality and violence.

  • BuzzCoastin

    Asia in general has a much lower murder rate than the West
    Asia’s murder rate per 100K is around 3
    China is around 1.5
    the US is around 5 and
    the EU is around 3

    interestingly, the murder rate in the US
    was at an all-time high during Ronnie Raygun
    and didn’t significantly decline until 1996

    • Jin The Ninja

      great point.

  • The Baffler

    He was just exercising his second amendment rights as a Chinese citizen. We should just be glad he didn’t know the chop sockey and start flying around kicking people.

  • Wanted

    Its sad, but this is what happens when a kung fu apprentice goes rogue.