Colombian Authorities Seize Submarine Used in Drug Trafficking

Via Raw Story:

The watercraft, roughly 66 feet (20 meters) long, was kept in a workshop, part of a four-building complex that included housing for some 25 people, a cellar and cooking facilities, according to the naval report.

When troops arrived at the complex, they were hit by gunfire, while unidentified individuals set fire to the craft and fled, they reported.

Ponder the color of this particular submarine and click through to Raw Story to read more.




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3 Comments on "Colombian Authorities Seize Submarine Used in Drug Trafficking"

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  2. Its far from being the first one.

    “The watercraft is the fifth semi-submersible to be seized this year and the 76th to be seized since 1993.” 

  3. Russell Scott Day | May 21, 2013 at 10:06 pm |

    I wonder at North Korean Sub Missile ambitions or realizations.

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