CopBlock Founder Faces 21 Years in Prison on “Wiretapping” Charges for Filming Police


According to court documents, Adam “Ademo” Mueller, journalist and co-host of nationally syndicated radio talk show Free Talk Live, has been indicted on three counts of felony wiretapping. The charges are a result of a vlog Mueller posted on about an incident involving alleged police misconduct, which featured recorded interviews of on-duty public officials.

Mueller’s report focused on video recorded by a student’s cell phone at Manchester’s West High School, which depicted Officer Darren Murphy slamming a 17-year-old boy into a cafeteria table in October of 2011. Although public officials told the student to delete the video, it ended up in Adam Mueller’s hands instead.

“A public official who is on duty and in a public space has no expectation of privacy, the First Circuit Court of Appeals has already ruled on this in Glik vs. Cunniffe,” said Ian Freeman, Free Talk Live co-host. “The person who should face consequences is the officer who threw that poor kid into a table during lunch at the school cafeteria, not the journalist who reported about it.”



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  • Anomaly_of_Anomie

    “A public official who is on duty and in a public space has no expectation of privacy… The person who should face consequences is the officer who threw that poor kid into a table during lunch at the school cafeteria, not the journalist who reported about it.”

    Based on the information presented here, how could anyone disagree with that statement?

  • Nunzio X

    Let’s see: cops can gather any and all kinds of data on ordinary citizens, but citizens can’t record the actions of the cops.

    Cops can wear battle gear and masks in public, but citizens will be arrested (or worse) for doing the same.

    A cop can assault someone with no provocation, have the incident filmed, and suffer no punishment at all, much less being sentenced to prison (see pepper spraying incident.)

    A cop can lie to you during an interrogation, but if you lie to him, that in and of itself is a crime.

    Land of the “free” and home of the “brave,” huh? “To protect and serve,” huh?

    That is the sort of shit that comes from the asses of bulls, my friends.

    • InfvoCuernos

       Don’t forget that apparently cops can shoot you if they think you are running from them.  That’s ok now. 

      • Apathesis

        Lazy cowards.

    • Apathesis

       Isn’t it great that our law enforcement agencies no longer uphold our virtues that make us who we are?  Somehow, the means justifies the ends, even if they violate our rights and our trust on a daily basis to prevent “crime.”

      What happened to the truth?  Deceiving people as a means to obtain  or plant evidence is a common occurrence these days. 

      What happened to real investigative procedure that didn’t violate our ethics?  It’s okay to treat people like shit as long you find some unlucky bastard to go to jail by the end of the shift.

      Some of them are worse than the very criminals they catch.  The level of dishonesty they exhibit throughout their days is despicable.  Don’t expect me to tell the truth if you can’t show me the same courtesy.  After all, you’re the one with the gun, the backup, and the system on your side.

  • Fransisco Person

    disinformation is right, as in this story doesn’t tell all the details that are important.  He recorded phone calls without consent.

    A little research goes a long ways.

    • Camron Wiltshire


    • rtb61

       Get real, this is all about out of control ‘Law Enforcement’ wasting public funds on a case they know they will loose but using the court, trial system and cost of a proper legal defence as a punishment on their own.
      Basically a criminal abuse of funds to protecting incompetent policing. The mind boggles as to why the county managers, mayors et al, to pull up the police and fire the irresponsible idiots.

  • BuzzCoastin

    too bad the dudes not a blind Chinese dissident
    then Uncle Homeland would do everything possible to protect his civil rights
    but since he’s an Amerikan
    he’s screwed

  • Pomera

    Fuck America. And its scumbag police.

  • Calypso_1


  • Apathesis

    New Hampshire police are fucking assholes.

    Some drunk bastard bounced his car through a fence into my friend’s yard after smashing into a police cruiser.  Naturally, my friend was taking pictures of the scene for insurance purposes.

    Yup, you guessed it.  Police tried to take my friend’s phone away because he was “Illegally photographing police and their equipment.”

  • Apathesis

    I think I might start carrying my driver’s license in the crotch of my pants…  Maybe they’ll just let me go.  It’s not against the law yet, right?

    Or they might just shoot me because they think I’m grabbing my “piece.”

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