Creating A Habitable Island Made Of Garbage In The Pacific Ocean

Is this the solution to our waste problems? A research team at the University College London is working towards the creation of a Plastic Republic by 2030 in the North Pacific, and funding the project by selling off parcels of land on the future island:

We intend to engineer enhanced adhesive properties in Escherichia coli and marine bacteria to alter the composition and dynamics of resultant biofilms for the adhesion of micro-plastic pollutants, with an extended vision of creating mass aggregates, or ‘Plastic Islands’.

After months of planning, we are now rallying to construct a ‘plastic island’ using the principles of synthetic biology. In so doing we hope to provide a solution to one of the world’s major environmental problems – the North Pacific Garbage Patch.

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  • jasonpaulhayes

    I’m not entirely sure synthetic biology is the answer (thinks of the Grey Goo scenario) but then again I’m not a synthetic biologist. 

  • BuzzCoastin

    throughout human history man has created ecological disasters
    and then exacerbates the situation
    by trying to repair the disaster
    which creates another disaster
    and on and on it goes

  • Haystack

    I’ve always dreamed of retiring to a luxurious garbage island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 

  • lanqiu332

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