Do Movies Control Your Mind? Media Monarchy Analyzes The Mind Games We Play.

James Evan Pillato shakes down the matrix with this episode of MediaMonarchy.

Do movies control your mind?  Why are our many modern Superheroes orphans?  Is the solution to all conflict to be more “powerful, masculine and destructive than the “bad” guys?”  Do you suffer from source amnesia?  Do gas tanks really explode when you shoot them?  Myth Busters or Myth Fluffers?  How many aspects of life have you only experienced via Hollywood?  Is Obama off limits to comedians?  “Will terrorism end if we just blow the shit out of the bad guys?”

Mold the superposition in accordance with will with this weeks episode

#269 Mind Games


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  • TruthVybes

     Wow I’ve been thinking about this much and would have to agree. I think movies can shape our perceptions which might cause a subliminal attraction of our fears/anxieties. This is why I stopped watching television a long time ago… too much negativity.

    • Camron Wiltshire

      Definitely.  Psychic trojan horses inserting militarized viruses and consumer programming.

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