Kidnapped Marine’s Mom Blows off MSM for AVTM exclusive

(for historical context please visit Abby Martin’s recent post to get up to speed on marine Brandon J Raub’s arrest and incarceration in a mental facility for his facebook comments.) 

Mother of marine Brandon J. Raub speaks out about the detention of her son for his comments on facebook.

Mother Kathleen Thomas had a few choice quotes for another outspoken former Marine, Adam Kokesh of in this exclusive interview.

“It’s dangerous times for our country, I want to say that really loud and clear, please pick up the Constitution and read it and then take a look around and ask yourself, is this law, is this legislation, is this bill, does it line up with the Constitution of the United States?”

“Question everything it’s your right as an American citizen”

Regarding the mainstream media, Thomas said, “They are all bought, they’re all sold out and they’re all in bed with big brother and they’re not going to tell you the truth, they create everything you want to see and they call that truth, it’s not truth…”



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  1. too many acronyms in the headline

  2. Meanwhile, this story also continues to be buried–

  3. WTFMFWOMG | Aug 30, 2012 at 12:52 pm |

    When you sign up for military service you sign your rights away. He should have known that. You are no longer a “citizen,” you are property of the US government until your term of service is over. In reality, we are all subject to United States jurisdiction by the 14th Amendment, so shut up and take it.

    • Please describe how the 14th ammendment creates such jurisdiction.
      Thank you for posting.

      • He’s confused, I think, about what the 14th Amendment does. 

        • The Day Our Country Was Stolen
          How the 14th Amendment Enslaved Us AllWithout a Shot Fired
          L. C. Lyon
          Most Americans would agree that we, as a people, are treated by our public servants — the judges, politicians, law enforcement and bureaucrats who are paid their salaries by our taxes — as if we were in complete bondage to them. When we joke about being slaves to the Government, we don’t realize that we are exactly correct, joke or not. In fact, all those 99% of Americans who call themselves “U.S. citizens” are actually subjects of the corporate United States Government — not the sovereign states of the Union. The moment you uttered your first cry on American soil, you became the chattel property of the corporation known as the United States of America which, because of the federal debt, handed title (Birth Certificate) to your body and soul to the Federal Reserve Bank, to be held in the archives of the Department of Health and Human Services.
          As incredible as this sounds, it is sadly true. The next question is: How did I automatically become subject to a government, when I’m supposedly a free American? How did this all come about, that I should be made to register myself, my family, and all that I own; be made to obey oppressive laws; and forfeit almost half of my earnings upon threat of jail? Only those who are “subject” to a government can be made to do these things. Free American Inhabitants are subject to no one but God, and all the laws and responsibilities which that Divine allegiance entails.

          I think this is what he is referring too actually.

          Worth considering.

    • The 14th Amendment gives the Federal Congress certain enforcement powers to make sure that the states guarantee equal protection of the laws and due process to all persons within the state. Additionally, the 14th Amendment incorporates most of the provisions of the Bill of Rights against the states, protecting individuals against state violations of certain rights in the same way that individuals are protected by the Bill of Rights against the federal government.There is actually not really a thing called “United States Jurisdiction.” But rather Article III of the Constitution empowers congress to create courts to hear “cases and controversies” between citizens of the various states (like if a guy from Utah wants to sue a guy from Florida, the idea being state courts might be biased against the out of state party, so federal courts or more neutral for “diversity of citizenship” subject matter jurisdiction) and where the claims “arise under the constitution” meaning they involve federal as opposed to state law. One of those two things has to exist for a Federal court to have what’s called “subject matter jurisdiction” which is the power to here the kind of case that’s ben brought.There is another kind of jurisdiction called “personal jurisdiction” which controls when a federal court can exert power over a particular person. A federal court has the same personal jurisdiction as the state in which the court sits (basically, there are a few nuances, but for 99% of the cases that’s the rule). The 14th Amendment doesn’t have anything to do with that, that’s based Congress’s article I powers to regulate and institute the federal courts. Under the current procedural regime which has been in place since 1937, congress has passed a law that gives courts some authority to establish their own rules, and that created the federal rules of criminal, civil, and appellate procedure. It is those rules, which are procedural laws set up by the courts with Congress’s approval, that determine whether a Federal court has jurisdiction over an individual in a particular suit. As a general matter, all of these statutes provide for narrower powers to hear cases than Congress is empowered to give courts by Article 1 and Article III.

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