Massive Volcanic Event, Not Black Death, Linked to Mass Medieval Burial

Via Geekosystem:

History is forever an open book: Scientists have discovered that an as-yet unidentified massive volcanic event was responsible for the deaths of nearly 11,000 in 14th century England:

The discovery of a massive east London burial pit at Spitalfields market in the 1990s was originally said to have been caused by the Black Death or Great Famine of 1315-1317. Turns out, those original declarations were wrong by around a century. New evidence, like radiocarbon dating of the bones, instead links the deaths of the 10,500 medieval skeletons to a massive volcanic event that happened thousands of miles away in 1258.

The volcanic event is thought to have caused a “mini Ice Age” that in turn led to massive famine and starvation.

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    In other words, Medieval life sucked even more than has previously been understood.