Oh God, Did You Put Something in my Drink?

Appropriately titled: “Oh god, did you put something in my drink”

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  • Astrophoria

    if they made porn like this, i would be too busy laughing to masturbate.

    • Calypso_1

      Behold, I am become Lalita, the titillator of worlds.

  • Tchoutoye

    I wonder how the Syrian civil war is effecting Omar Souleyman.

  • Yourname
  • http://buzzcoastin.posterous.com BuzzCoastin

    Oh God, Did You Put Something in my Drink?
    And I want some right now.

  • Nunzio X

    Visions of tacky sugarplums.

    Um, hmm.

  • http://www.ContraControl.com/ Zenc

    He can almost pass. Just needs some more work on the face.

    10 drinks?

  • justagirl

    hahaha!!  1:22 made it worth watching that bs.   =^.^=

  • Apathesis

    I kind of expected Gale Boetticher to show up in this vid at some point.

  • saint_al

    Here’s the original music; the title is ‘Skeletons Having Sex on a tin Roof’. Giving credit here.


  • zhenghe253


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