Possessed By Spirit Of Nineteenth Century German Surgeon, Television Psychic Stabs His Twin Daughters

The Copenhagen Post reports on the dangers of having a father who is too deeply in touch with the spirit world:

The man who stabbed his daughters in Rigshospitalet has been identified as a reality TV personality by tabloids. 58-year-old Englishman Graham Bishop [is] a medium/clairvoyant who has appeared in Danish television shows such as ‘Åndernes Magt’ and ‘Klarsyn’.

Graham claims he can communicate with spirits by going into a trance and being possessed by Dr. Karl, a German physician who was born in 1848. Bishop claims that Dr Karl is his “main spirit guide” who uses Bishop’s body to help “heal” people in need. Bishop claims to have helped “many thousands of people across Europe and the USA” through Dr Karl.

Bishop is accused of stabbing his four-year-old twin girls multiple times with a kitchen knife on Sunday afternoon at Rigshospitalet’s paediatric ward, where one of the girls was being treated for a long-term illness. The girls are in a stable condition at Rigshospitalet but remain on respirators.