Scientist: Life on Mars Could be Our Cousins

Picture: NASA (PD)

Via CNN:
Life on Mars? Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss says that not only is it possible, it’s very likely. Further, the scientist says that if those lifeforms do exist, they could very well be our cousins. Krauss theorizes that Earth could have been struck by a Martian meteorite, spreading life in a process called “panspermia”. Check out the video from CNN below:



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  • Simiantongue

    Ah Mars, the poor cousin.

  • Honu

    Wish they landed in Cydonia area of Mars. 

    • Nephilim

      Well won’t Richard Hoagland be relieved to hear he is not crazy after all?

  • BuzzCoastin

    The life forms on Mars issued a statement saying that:
    “We the Martian bacterial and microscopic life protest the linking of our biology to that of some hairless, petulant chimps. Don’t blame that mess on us. Please go explore Uranus.”

  • lifobryan

    “Panspermia” sounds like the name of an unexplored region on an ornamental medieval map. Or an unreleased Pink Floyd album. Or a vile aperitif. Or an Amish town. Or an STD. 

    Regardless, its an awesome word that I promise to USE EVERYDAY somehow, some way ….

    • Calypso_1

      I try to use panspermia whenever someone else has used ‘rapture’.

  • Liquidstar

    This. definately this.  It s really not that much of a leap conceptually,  just an extension of the concept of ecological systems to include other planets,  interplanetary ecology.

  • Peetr

    I swear if I see that “face” on Mars on more time…. 

    • Matt Staggs

      “I’m not saying it was aliens…but it was aliens.”

  • DeepCough

    Yeah, I’d call them “distant cousins.”

  • Nikita’sPop

    This is news? This is an ancient idea, folks, about as old as that face on Mars. Besides, lots of things could be possible. You don’t really need a theoretical physicist to confirm it, especially when he’s only confirming that it’s a possiblity. Slow news day?