Sex, Drugs and Magick: An Interview with Black Science’s John Gillanders

Revolt of the Apes has posted a fascinating interview with John Gillanders of the psych-metal band Black Science. Gillanders delves into some fascinating territory: Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, Aleister Crowley, sex magick, psychedelics and more. Definitely worth a read even if the music isn’t your thing.

Despite the eye-rolling that may occur, what can you tell us about your interest in psychedelic substances – substances like “drugs”? Which psychedelic substance had had the most enduring influence on your life, what is that influence and why do you believe it has made a lasting impact on your life? What do you think is the most harmful preconceived notion that non-initiates carry regarding psychedelic substances?

I certainly touched on that earlier, but I think it’s of incredible import. My favorite psychedelic drug is weed. What, say, Robert Anton Wilson was trying to tell us in books like Cosmic Trigger and Sex, Drugs and Magick is that at the heart of all these occult conspiracies, what almost never comes up and is kind of the elephant in the room is the idea that through weed-induced sex magick you can communicate with forms of intelligence hitherto unknown. I’m honestly just continuing his work, which he in fact abandoned because he couldn’t deal with it. So yeah, I think if marijuana is legalized, which seems imminent, there’s a lot greater transformative potentiality there than anyone I’ve ever talked to is recognizing. It possesses incredible potential in helping to re-program your brain, which we’ve barely explored at this point.

People largely gloss over the fact that Timothy Leary was obsessed with Crowley and even explored this very avenue of channeling via his Starseed transmissions. Most people of this era are so wedded to the potentiality and infallibility of science, they fully ignore the fact that’s it’s just as corrupt as the government, business, or anything else in our culture. Take psychiatry. It’s fairly obvious that psychedelic drugs have the most potential of anything to actually help people, but that research has been basically impossible. And so we get mind-control, numbing drugs like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors which are total bullshit for people who aren’t severely depressed. Basically, take pills rather than addressing your psychological issues. Run away from your problems rather than confronting them. Heinous.

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3 Comments on "Sex, Drugs and Magick: An Interview with Black Science’s John Gillanders"

  1. > So yeah, I think if marijuana is legalized, which seems imminent,
    there’s a lot greater transformative potentiality there

    I thought the legalization of weed was imminent in 1968
    weed’s funny that way
    and I don’t think mass weed smoking will lead to mass enlightenment
    (otherwise, Woodstock would now be Der Homeland’s capital)

    but I do agree that for some people weed has the effect you describe
    and have experienced it myself
    but there are also non-drug ways to get there
    getting there is is what’s important
    & not the drugs or whatever method used

    once you cross the river
    burn the boat

    • Ricky Jazzercize | Aug 4, 2012 at 2:23 am |

      The point is that pot smoking needs to be accompanied by a regimented spiritual
      practice, which is what’s missing from our current pot culture i.e. non-drug
      practices like astral projection/lucid dreaming/occultism etc. mainly,  an over-arching philosophy that we can do better.

      • Adam's Shadow | Aug 5, 2012 at 6:02 pm |

        I completely agree; however, I often look at marijuana as “nature’s anti-depressant,” so I’m not against pot-smoking of any kind really, except heavily chronic use (a quarter a day or so). 

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