The Art of Subvertising on Facebook

Teresa Valdez Klein talks about infiltrating Facebook’s advertising with non-commercial messages:

24 Comments on "The Art of Subvertising on Facebook"

  1. charlieprimero | Aug 28, 2012 at 9:12 pm |

    More like “subvertising” on the part of FaceBook to sell more ads.

    ” Hey kids!  Did you know Advertising on Facebook can be *subversive* !

    Subversive is awesome ! ”

    I wonder if the idea of avoiding negative advertising by not logging onto FaceBook ever crossed her mind.

  2. yeah sure, you’re not pathetic reading fb ads, it’s the advertisers who make you feel bad… 

  3. OMFG! Da adz on ma facebook makz ma soooo sad 2 LOLZ!

    Fuck you human race.

  4. Goodfellowsmith | Aug 29, 2012 at 2:18 am |

    I do not agree with facebook subvertising on facebook.

  5. Just want to say; Never used Facebook, don’t have a FB page, and you’re all dumb for using it.  

    • We don’t all use it.

      • Why do you say that, because you don’t use it?  

        • Yes, because you said we all use it, and I don’t.

          • If your not using it then your not lumped into the “All” category. All as in all the people who use it. Why even respond to my comment if you don’t use it. Do you want to be recognized for being a non-user? Do you need attention? Do you want to argue? Just be happy you aren’t part of the data mining hell hole that is Facebook. 

          • Who is looking for attention, here?

          • Who wants to be recognized for being a non-user?

          • I responded to your comment because it was unclear, and seemed to imply all Disinfo readers besides you are dumb Facebook users.  Now that you’ve clarified your statement, I have no beef with it.

  6. Tchoutoye | Aug 29, 2012 at 10:31 am |

    Why would you fight Facebook’s tactic of making you insecure and miserable by giving Facebook more money? Has this chick never heard of Adblocker? It’s free!

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