The Fantastical Burials Of Ghana Coffin

In our new age, how does one leave the realm of Earth with style and flair? In contrast to the traditional staid wooden box, the Accra-based Ghana Coffin carpentry collective carves custom coffins in every shape imaginable, including lizards, cruise ships, cigarettes, pianos, cell phones, popsicles, and (for infants) computer mice:

We are at the very beginning the fifties. Perhaps a fisherman, or then a cultivator, inquired to Kane Kwei about the possibility of having a coffin in the form of boat. Or of an onion. To bury a parent fisherman or cultivator. Kane Kwei honored the order.

  • BuzzCoastin

    I’m thinking of getting a giant vagina coffin
    is that too phallic a death fantasy?

    • Littlemisteramerica

      It will be perfect to be reborn out of, during your spiritual transcendence and/or a zombie apocalypse.

  • Wanted

    to die for