‘The Hole’: Scientology’s Alleged Concentration Camp

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The Village Voice has published an article alleging that the Church of Scientology operates a concentration camp for high-ranking members fallen out of favor with the group:

Debbie Cook was in for only 7 weeks in 2007, but her experience was brutal. She testified that Miscavige had two hulking guards climb into her office through a window as she was talking to him on the phone. “Goodbye” he told her as she was hauled off to the gulag. Like Rinder, she described a place where dozens of men and women were confined to what had been a set of offices. Cook testified that the place was ant-infested, and during one two-week stretch in the summer with temperatures over 100 degrees, Miscavige had the air conditioning turned off as punishment. Food was brought up in a vat riding on a golf cart. Cook described it as a barely edible “slop” that was fed to them morning, noon, and night. Longtime residents of the Hole began to look gaunt.

Read more at The Village Voice.

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  • http://buzzcoastin.posterous.com BuzzCoastin

    remind me not to go to a Scientology meeting 

  • David Howe

    uh, did Debbie call the police?

    • Serpentlove

      Silly troll… Lonely under your bridge?

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