Three Year-Old Malaysian Girl Dies During Exorcism

Photo: Goya, "Saint Francis of Borgia performs an Exorcism" (PD)

Via The Raw Story: readers will undoubtedly remember Monday’s post about four Haitian children beaten to death during an exorcism. Here is a similar case, this time from Malaysia: A  three year-old girl has suffocated during what is reported to be a 20 hour exorcism:

“Acting on a tip-off, police entered the house and broke down a bedroom door only to find eight people including a foreign maid covered with a blanket and with the victim pinned under them,” he said.

“They were chanting in the room. Police believe they were involved in an exorcism ritual to drive away evil spirits.”

The Star newspaper said the ritual had lasted 20 hours. Azman said the ritual had continued for many hours but could not confirm how many.

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