UK Website Ordered to Remove Controversial Claims About MMR Vaccine

Photo: Centers for Disease Control Public Health Image Library (PD)

Via BBC News:

The owners of the website have been ordered by the British Advertising Standards Authority to retract from the site controversial statements positing a connection between autism and the childhood MMR vaccine: said the three-in-one jab may be causing “up to 10%” of autism in children in the UK.

But the Advertising Standards Authority ruled the claim was misleading and must not appear again, after getting a complaint.

The website was also told not to repeat other claims it made about MMR.

These included the suggestion that “most experts now agree the large rise (in autism) has been caused partly by increased diagnosis, but also by a real increase in the number of children with autism”.

Another claim said the vaccine-strain measles virus had been found in the gut and brain of some autistic children, which supports many parents’ belief that the MMR vaccine caused autism in their children.

Read more at BBC News.



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7 Comments on "UK Website Ordered to Remove Controversial Claims About MMR Vaccine"

  1. I wouldn’t call it controversial as much as “thoroughly debunked,” given the preponderance of scientific evidence; the anti-vaccination movement is akin to creationism in that it’s ideologically committed to its position, and is never swayed by new evidence. Unlike creationism, it also has a real body count attached to it, in outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases among children. 

    On the other hand, it’s not clear to me why the BASA is assuming the authority to muzzle them. If I sincerely believe that rubbing poison ivy on your baby is healthy, I should be allowed to say so, as long as I’m not implying that my claims are endorsed by the relevant medical authorities; after a certain point, the onus is on the public to keep their BS detectors on. 

    • The only new evidence is from government reports and reports from the drug makers. I challenge you to debate that with any parent who’s child shows signs of Autism directly after their vaccines. Again, not one case of a child with Autism who did not get vaccines. I think you should not be so sweeping with your general statements

  2. hahaha the anti-vaccine movement is as bad as the AIDS denial movement.  Has anyone seen House of Numbers?  It’s like a bad high school essay that doesn’t really argue anything. 

  3. There is no doubt on this planet that Autism is caused by vaccines. There is not one case of a child with Autism who did NOT get vaccines. THAT alone is enough for our Government to be honest with us.

    • Name one legitimate source (besides the voices in your head) to support your claim.

  4. WTFMFWOMG | Aug 10, 2012 at 9:00 am |

    I’ll just leave this here… course mercury has been taken out of most, but not all vaccines….…. and they don’t work as well as claimed.

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