Virgin Airlines: Men Can’t Sit Near Unaccompanied Minors

Ozy Frantz writes at the Good Men Project:

Virgin Airlines apparently does not allow men to sit next to unaccompanied minor children, but does allow women to do so, apparently out of fear of pedophilia.

Talk about pedophile hysteria. Planes are fucking crowded; you can’t even talk without everyone accidentally overhearing about the time your toddler put Aunt Jenna’s goldfish in the microwave. How the hell is a pedophile supposed to molest or abuse a kid when he’s surrounded by people? He’d end up getting arrested like that. Nevertheless, not having men sit by unaccompanied minors makes everyone feel better, and so we do it, as absurd as it is.

Most pedophiles– just like most rapists, most abusers, most harassers, and most creepers– are good at not getting caught. They tend to molest children who are alone and vulnerable. They put themselves into positions of power or groom the kids or both, so the children don’t feel able to report. They are overwhelmingly more likely to molest their own children than other people’s, because their children depend on them, tend to believe things they say, are probably afraid or distrustful of strangers like the police, and probably even love their relatives. They take advantage of the systematic disbelief and doubt granted to all manner of predators to harm children. That’s how it works! Pedophile hysteria gives people a false sense of security which allows them to ignore the actual predators in their midst.

(Note the Knight/Beast Dichotomy. “That man’s a stranger, he could do anything… but that guy over there? We know him, he wouldn’t hurt a fly!”)

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  • Pirateposty

    ja baba!  Hambo dibby daw doe! Ba Ba Dooooo.

  • derp

    This is all-around ridiculous, but to focus on one point… I wonder why women are allowed to sit next to children while men aren’t… My guess is because of the assumption that women could NEVER be pedophiles. This is similar to the assumption (which is, of course, wrong) that women are NEVER the rapists and are always the victims. Just another example of men being put down because of stereotypes and excessive generalizations.

    Stupid men… why can’t they just be more like their superior female counterparts?

    • bobbiethejean

       If around 90% of pedos weren’t men, you might have a valid point.

      • Andrew

        Can you provide a citation for that figure?

        • Jin The Ninja


          to say nothing of race, or orientation.

          • Andrew

            Once again, reality disappoints me.

          • Jin The Ninja


          • Andrew

            No apology necessary.  My life is probably half over, fortunately.

    • TruthVybes

       Too much male pride perhaps. I never understood it from that point of view. A lot of it goes back to HollyWood movies that seed such thoughts.

  • Richard

    I, for one, will never patronize Virgin Airlines.  If they are insane enough to come up with this policy, they are most like crazy and incompetent enough to put unsafe planes in the air.

    • SteveHarringtonIII

      Hits a little close to home, eh?

  • Noise13

    Sounds great. Don’t want to sit next to kids anyway.

    • Tchoutoye

      I have no doubt a large majority of men agree with you. The last thing we want is to be confined next to a fidgety and noisy urchin for a long period of time.

  • Jesus Borg

    I flew unaccompanied as a kid and I told a guy to fuck off once that wanted to sit next to my sister and I. I probably would have preferred a woman and my sister would have too.

    • Jin The Ninja

      i agree with you. and have had similar experiences as a minor flying solo and with my sister.

      • TedHeistman

        See, we have lots in common! The guy might have been a creeper. My sister had a teddy bear buckled into the seat and he wanted us to move it.

        • Jin The Ninja

          still not sure we have anything in common. why did you delete our little ‘debate’ from your comment history?

          • Jesus Borg

             I didn’t. I don’t even know how it works.

  • Haystack

    Pointless. The perverts already got their jollies when the kid passed through the TSA checkpoint. 

    • Heath

      Personal experience?? 

      Having just flown I imagine their “jollies” are perhaps brief and unfulfilled as you noticing or them noticing you “noticing” the younger minority passengers that do fly.

      • Haystack

        If you give me a doll I’ll show you where the TSA man touched me. 

  • IrishPotatoGun

    +1 for farker who used Pedobear for the pic.

    • Matt Staggs


  • Dollbecky

    as a kid, flying alone a few men tried to put their hands on my thigh or look down my top …no women ever made me feel creeped out ..

  • Sardonicus

    Why would you put your kids on an airflight unaccompanied anyway?

    • Jin The Ninja

      off of the top of my head:

      divorce, boarding school, family abroad, student exchanges, funerals.

      i mean the list is endless.

    • Calypso_1

      Shit, my parents used to put me on Greyhound unaccompanied.

      • bobbiethejean

        Were your parents trying to KILL you? Or just make you insane for the rest of your life? O______O Then again, they let me run around in the forest like the Wild Woman of Borneo for the first half of my life so I’m not really one to talk. XD

        • Calypso_1

          Thus began a lifelong fascination with talking to the mentally ill and ex-cons.

          [I got to run around the woods too…with a gun.]

  • Daniel Crowley

     Damn! I live for fondling sleeping unaccompanied minors on long-haul flights. It just makes the journey seem to go faster. The 300 other passengers usually just turn a blind eye when I whip my schlong out and start rubbing it on little Timmy’s nose. Dunno what I’ll do now :(

  • Daniel Crowley

     Damn! I live for fondling sleeping unaccompanied minors on long-haul flights. It just makes the journey seem to go faster. The 300 other passengers usually just turn a blind eye when I whip my schlong out and start rubbing it on little Timmy’s nose. Dunno what I’ll do now :(

  • Fuck yeah!

    Good… Flying without snot nosed little shit beside me is great! I hate kids they are loud and annoying. Call in insensitive but I thing they look like things from fucking Mars. 

    • Andrew

      See a therapist.

  • VoxMagi

    I hope the day speedily comes that flights cost 10k for a mini seat with people packed in like cattle, no frills or comforts, and the TSA mandatorily delivers each passenger a full cavity check before permitting them to board. Then this little shit will be moot because people might…just maybe…get as sick of the BS as I got years ago…and stop letting their money reward idiocy. I’ve been out of the flying game since the TSA ruined it…and I tried in my way to encourage others to walk away and strip them of the monetary rewards for false security, robbery of human dignity  and wasted time. It’s been almost a decade and its only gotten worse. Until the abuse becomes more extreme…the crack whores that make up frequent flyers will keep on sucking dick for that next fix.

  • Apathesis

    Jesus Christ, how much more bullshit are men going to half to deal with?  This is going to fuck up availability of seating, and make the experience of flying an even more abysmal affair.

  • Jeffery Allen

    The dude ought to file a defamation lawsuit.

  • Earaches

    You mean I don’t have to pay a extra for that?