War Games II: Mexican Drug War Edition

Picture: 'Alex07' (CC)

Agence-France Press has an interesting story on the high tech nerve center of Mexico’s effort against the paramilitary drug cartels operating within its borders:

One large regional map showed yellow dots representing small planes that flew from Colombia, the world’s main cocaine producer, to Honduras, which has become a hub for drugs smuggled to the United States.

Officials even get real-time videos beamed by drones – the same type of pilotless spy aircraft used by the US military in Afghanistan.

Thousands of camera feeds from the streets of Mexico City and other towns across the nation are relayed to the bunker.

On one screen, cars and trucks are seen going through an X-ray machine looking for concealed drugs or migrants in Ciudad Juarez, the city at the US border considered the epicenter of the violence.

Some 500 million files, including police reports, rap sheets and vehicle registrations are stored in rows of computer servers on the bottom floor.

Of course none of this IT wizardry has helped Mexico realize that the Cartels are not snakes, they are hydras, and decapitating them doesn’t help matters much. See for example the ongoing war between in Michoacán between Caballeros Templarios—an offshoot of the Michoacán based La Familia that emerged after Federales killed the La Familia cartel boss—and their current bloody war with the Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación, or Matazetas, who are a splinter cartel of the Sinaloa Federation that formed after the Mexican Army killed Sinaloan leader Nacho Villareal in 2010.

Add to that that apparently this push for better cartel intelligence is being matched at least by the highly sophiscated Zeta operation. The Zetas, formed and run by former members of US Trained Mexican Army Special forces, apparently hav a high-tech intelligence gathering operation of its own. In this light, the Mexican government’s confidence in its operation, as reported by Agence-France Press, can be seen for what it is: irrational machismo. Unsurprising since such overconfidence is the drug of choice for all true anti-narco warriors.

J.F. Quackenbush

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  1. Supposedly all drugs for personal use have been decriminalized in Mexico. Yet everyone I speak with when I go there has never heard of this, and it does not appear as if it were accurate at all. Does anyone know what’s going on? Was it all a hoax?

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