Anti-Islam Movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Sparks Attack That Kills US Ambassador In Libya

The Middle East is in uproar today after the US Embassy in Libya was bombed and the US ambassador, Christopher Stevens, was among those killed. The attack was apparently part of a protest against an obscure film, “Innocence of Muslims,” directed by California-based Israeli Sam Bacile and allegedly financed to the tune of $5 million dollars by Jewish supporters. There’s little doubt that the film is blasphemous so far as Muslims are concerned and will likely be offensive to most non-Muslims. It also appears to be an incredibly bad piece of filmmaking based on the trailer below.


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    • Miracles

      The problem with revolutions is…

  • FreedomRingsNUSA

    This sounds like another bunch of crazies…like the Colorado theatre massacre, some people are just pure crazy and use any excuse to murder innocent people. There’s NO excuse.

    • Miracles

      So what’s your excuse, then?

  • FreedomRingNUSA

    Lybia’s president should PUBLICLY denounce this terrorist act on innocent American’s that have done nothing but HELP LYBIA…we need to STOP giving American’s taxpayers dollars to them NOW!

    • Miracles

      Fox News much?

  • FreedomRingsNUSA

    It’s America people, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, if ya don’t like it move to Lybia!

    • Miracles

      Israel much?

    • JaceD

      Or any other country with the same level of freedom as the usa

    • coiled embrace

      Then you certainly won’t mind when my comedy about the Holocaust, “Don’t Empty that Ashtray, That’s my Bube!” comes out on Youtube, will you?.

      Those wacky, fun-loving SS guards, Hans and Fritz, turn Auschwitz upside-down with their lovable Teutonic concern for hygiene among the guests. There’s plenty of hot water in the showers to go around and with the ovens blazing 24/7 no one ever gets chilly at night.FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN THE USA! USA! USA! If ya don’t like it, move to Israel! 

  • Miracles

    > An Israeli filmmaker based in California went into hiding after a YouTube trailer of his movie attacking Islam’s prophet Muhammad sparked angry assaults by ultra-conservative Muslims on U.S. missions in Egypt and Libya. 
    > An Israeli filmmaker
    > Israel.

    Israel is hellbent on fomenting a regional war.  I just pray we have enough clear heads in our government and military to resist this potential global disaster.

    • Elskootero


      • Andrew

        Nothing unstable, immature, or simply crazy about that reaction.

  • Elskootero

    If this doesn’t prove what unstable, immature, and simply crazy people Muslims are, I don’t think anything ever will!!!

    • Miracles

      Troll harder.

    • CounterTrolled

      If this doesn’t prove what unstable, immature, and simply crazy people Christians are, I don’t think anything ever will!!!

    • Marklar_Prime

       Yes, Mossad false flag attacks prove,…

    • nathan willard

      So you say the action of a few Muslims speaks for the actions of all? only a little while ago Christians were killing people under the pretense of being a which. Even further back they were killing anyone who disagreed with them, before that they themselves were being killed for being Christians.

  • Andrew

    This movies looks hilariously bad!  I want to see it!

    Bacile ripped the financiers off.

    • Chaorder Gradient

      It looks like painfully poor quality, like Birdemic.

      • Andrew

        You know what it needs?  Joel, Tom Servo, and Crow.

  • emperorreagan

    The US should stop agitating regime change in some cases, propping up other regimes, giving billions in military aid, and selling weapons in the region.  The United States is the number 1 destabilizing factor in the region.  

    If Israel were not getting billions from the US, allowed to purchase advanced weapons systems, and given a slap on the hand when they got caught stealing the few things we won’t sell them, then maybe they’d have a reason to actually pursue the peace process.

    The disaster of who we sell weapons to, which regimes we support, which regimes we bomb, only bites us in the ass in the end.  Who funds and supports Islamic radicalism?  The Saudis.  Yemen.  But we’ve got a boner for getting Gaddafi out of power after he’s been isolated for decades.  

    But oh well.  Both US foreign and military policy will continue to be dedicated to support most favorable conditions for commerce for the oligarchs, rather than pursuing stability or human rights or anything else that would make sense.  

  • Flex

    Who invented Christianity and Islam? Same people. 
    Why did they do it? To divide and conquer.

  • Nunzio X

    That religion bullshit sure gets people stirred up, huh?

    • Andrew

      Get used to it.

    • Extrapolate

      What! You mean you don’t get angry when someone bad-mouth’s the three little pigs? I mean, what’s the difference from one fairy tail to another.  

      • abduahlla babhulha


        • Extrapolate

          How dare you speak ill of bacon. God will punish you for all of eternity for your blasphemy.  

  • Hadrian999

    when will people learn helping terrorists will not make them your friends, violent religious fanatics  will turn on you as soon as your aid isn’t needed, it happened in afghanistan, it happened in libya, and it will happen in syria, but we keep pretending these guys are nice democratic idealists

  • Calypso_1

    They should have released the Film on Sept 30 – International Blasphemy Day.

  • Pirateposty

    Hoi hoi chaybe shaw sho!  Abadda da bah.  herdy hooo.  Jamma bada bo bo.  Sheemy shaw sho beeny.  Baba do.  Herdy!  Heeeeeerdy!

  • Jody

    It was a film, not a massacre, the terrorists can only claim the opposite.

  • SneakyGuy

    Let’s try reverse psychology.  Name one other religion practiced today where followers will make violent protests (and kill innocent people) when one independent filmmaker criticizes the religion?  Could it be that the PURPOSE of this film was to prove its own premise by virtue of the reaction to it following its release?  Perhaps what this world needs is a group of violent secular people … who will violently protest against those who would mandate that people think like they do – or kill them if they don’t.

    • Calypso_1

      Freedom from religion please.

  • coiled embrace

    Perhaps, someone should throw a trailer up on Youtube for a film depicting what an absolute hilarious and justifiable comedy the Holocaust was, and we can sit back and watch the Israelis and Jews in general go total apeshit over it and we can smugly pontificate about the glory and virtues of free speech and how people are so overly sensitive about religion and culture?

    • Calypso_1

      Sort of a Charlie Chaplin meets Auschwitz?

      • BrainofJFK

        Charlie Chaplin does kinda look like hitler. . .

      • Will

         “The Great Dictator II: The Final Solution”?

      • Will

         Or maybe a remake of Cheech & Chong’s “Up in smoke”?

        Both would be camp comedy classics I’m sure.

  • DeepCough

    This movie looks like it was produced by Tommy Wiseau (director of “The Room”).

    • Jake

      Worst movie of all time. IMO

  • Marklar_Prime

    This has Israeli false flag attack written all over it.

    The U.S.S Liberty
    The King David Hotel Bombing
    The Mavi Manara
    The Lavon Affair
    etc., etc., etc….

    How many times does Israel get to murder Americans or steal our military intelligence through it’s extensive U.S. based spy networks and still remain our “ally”?

    • AIPAC sucks

      And don’t forget to add 9-11 WTC to that list of Israeli false flag attacks.

      • Andrew

        I’m willing to believe it was a false flag, but I’ll need to see some evidence it was Israeli.

        • Jin The Ninja

          i’m with you there.

        • Marklar_Prime

          Cui bono?

          • Andrew

            Not just Israel.

          • Marklar_Prime

            Israel needs U.S. and European backing for an insane Iran attack that will be the start of WW3. Who else would benefit from fanning the flames of Islamaphobia?

          • Andrew

            First of all, fanning the flames of Islamophobia wasn’t the only result of 9/11–support for global finance capitalism grew, as that’s what the WTC was a symbol of.  Second, lots of people benefit from Islamophobic fear mongering–multinational corporations and governments wanting to crack down on citizens’ rights in the name of security are two examples.  The military/industrial and prison/industrial complexes benefit greatly.

            Even so, motive is not proof of guilt.

        • lifobryan

          I suspect someone else’s fingerprints are on this. Not the production of the film, which was made a while ago – but the timing of its dub into Arabic, and its viral dissemination by “Reverend” Terry Jones.

          Jones is a nutwack with a thirst for fanning the flames of mob violence to ‘prove’ his points about Islam. Why fan the flames now? The film has been around for at least a year. Was Jones “nudged?”

          Karl Rove has a history of whispering small but insidious suggestions into the ears of the willing & unsavory … with an uncanny timing that usually produces big results. Rove has been obsessed with casting Barack Obama in the role of Jimmy Carter for this US election cycle. And wouldn’t it be convenient for that narrative if ever-percolating middle east protests resulted in a well-timed hostage crisis?

          OK, I’m just kidding, I don’t believe that at all … I’m just pitching my plot idea for a new conspiracy-themed block-buster movie, starring Obama as Jimmy Carter, Mitt Romney as Ronald Reagan’s hair, and Nicholas Cage as the rumpled guy who solves the mystery.  

          But here’s the plot twist … it’s not a conspiracy movie at all, it’s a PORNO!!

          The film ends with a sweaty, flabby 3-way between Karl Rove, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Sheldon Adelson playing rusty trombones in a Tel Aviv waterbed.

          Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the role of Rev Jones will be played by Julian Beck:

          • Auto5734955

             You forgot Glen Beck returns to the silver screen now also to add his twisted-tongued narration to the flavor. 

        • AIPAC sucks
  • JP

    The only one who should be in hiding is whoever was in charge of visual effects on that “movie”

  • Sonnenritter

    Theres no reason to suspect this event was ‘planned’ by some government or intelligence agency. If it was Mossad, then why does the movie look so fucking shitty? This shit looks worse than most student films, I’m surprised it cost 5 million dollars to make. If it was a deliberate provocation by an intelligence agency they would’ve hired actors and filmmakers who aren’t incompetent retards.

    • Tchoutoye

      It looks like $4 million was spent on prostitutes and cocaine and $0.9 million on the publicity campaign to make sure that Muslims all over the world have heard about it.

  • BuzzCoastin

    let the Muslims make an anti Jebus movie
    and let’s see what the reaction of the X-ians is

    on the other hand
    there’s something fishy about all this
    there hasn’t been a killing of a US Ambassador since the late 70’s

    how does the ever paranoid Homeland allow
    its Ambassadors to be exposed to this type of danger
    most US embassies are heavily armed fortresses
    that aren’t easily stormed by by lightly armed mobs
    they are also protect by Blackwater/Xi/Gestapo troops
    here’s a case where 1 + 1 = not 2

    • Hadrian999

      the lightly armed mob was using heavy weapons, it’s not that hard, most embassies don’t have huge amounts of security troops and from what i have been reading this guy was a security nightmare that liked to go out among the locals……all this could have been prevented by remembering the 80’s or reading this

      • BuzzCoastin

        Ever been to a US Embassy?
        I’m familiar with the ones in Phnom Penh & Beijing
        those fortresses are located in countries that have a very low level of threat
        so I imagine the Embassy in Baghdad and other hot spots
        are even more heavily fortified

        Lydia strikes me as even more dangerous than Baghdad at this point
        the security lapse is questionable
        but given the lack of Homeland security during 911, not out of the question

        > most embassies don’t have huge amounts of security troops
        yeah right
        here’s something from NPR/CIA about that
        > have been reading this guy was a security nightmare that liked to go out among the locals
        yeah right

        • Hadrian999

          yes i have but fortresses are useless if they arent staffed right and reinforced properly. you can see conspiracies behind conspiracies if you want but things like this can happen.  especially if the top diplomats interfere with the security people as has been known to happen. if you think an embassy is such a hard target look at what happened to the US embassy in Somalia in 91

          • BuzzCoastin

            > look at what happened to the US embassy in Somalia in 91

            that happened 10 years before 911
            so what you’re suggesting is
            Der Homeland Security has learned nothing
            and nothing’s changed since 91
            ok, have yer way

            but it still seems fishy to me
            despite your strong support
            for the idiot security forces idea

          • Hadrian999

            according to reports it wasn’t in the embassy it was during evacuation  between the embassy and the airport, it wasn’t a full embassy and there is no mention of any marines being present . the embassy itself wasnt a fortress it was a single story villa

          • Jin The Ninja

            even in 1st world countries a single story “villa” used as an embassy is a fortified structure. i used to live nearby the korean consulate, and even as consulate it was a heavily fortified, 2 story relatively modest brick structure surrounded by a brick wall, cameras and armed guard.

          • Hadrian999

            korea’s a 1st world country?

          • Jin The Ninja

            lol- i mean the korean consulate here.

          • Marklar_Prime

            South Korea, very much so. North Korea,.. not so much.

          • Hadrian999

            im sorry but when you have a boy band for every 10 citizens you go way down in the rankings

          • Jin The Ninja


          • Marklar_Prime

            I stand defeated.

          • Kurt the Turk

            1st World (with the US), 2nd World (With USSR), 3rd World (with neither)…the Cold War is over

          • Calypso_1

            I’ve had an experience with such an ‘unguarded’ Chinese consulate.  A very smartly dressed, expressionless fellow with mirrored glasses and an earpiece walked briskly out a side door and stood about 20ft away with a clipboard checking something off rather intently.  A curtain parted on the building and there appeared a telephoto lens. 
            The generally effect is that you want to leave.

          • Jin The Ninja

            i wonder what they  do when the drunken frat and sorority kids from the adjacent houses walk on the property at all hours…

          • Calypso_1

            …I might have been [ahem] engaging their attention in a slightly more, shall we say, interesting, manner.

          • Jin The Ninja

            i’m quite a multi-faceted person, my mind goes a lot of places:P

          • Calypso_1

            I can neither confirm nor deny any speculation regarding said event.

          • BuzzCoastin

            this is how it works in the news room too:
            hey boss, things seem a little odd with that 911 thingy
            are you crazy, this is as normal as pie
            nothing to see here, just the usual stuff
            go cover the school board, i hear they’re gonna strike

            not sayin it’s the case here
            but i always assume it’s a psyop till proven otherwise
            ‘cuase psyop is normal as pie in Amerika

          • Hadrian999

            i think you are barking up the wrong tree, nothing about the attack is remarkable or plausible, if you want to find funny-business take a look at the films producers, if you can find them

          • BuzzCoastin

            A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.

        • Mike Tomlison

          It is important to note that this was not an EMBASSY it was a CONSULATE. The embassy in Libya is in Tripoli there is a consulate in Benghazi which was where the attack happened.

          • BuzzCoastin

            It’s also important to note that it happened on 9/11, a date the CIA is notorious for it’s lapses in security. Deja vu all over again.

  • Pork

    What a fucking mess this world is. I need an espresso. 

  • BrendanBabbage

    Did you SEE that video!?

    IMO the Jews/Israel should be punished for it!

    How do I dare say they are to blame, despite their puppet media putting
    out all the Frogwash it’s just radical Christians?


    1.  They spend $5 Million on that…  Someone clearly pocketed
    2.  The ONE part of “Good” acting was when one of the characters was
    leering greedily over a pot of gold.  That only he was alive with
    passion, the rest was a shadow of anything.

    What we should do is FINE them $40 million.
    Like a day’s US contributions or a weeks worth of the Kosher Tax…

    And have them give it to the people who made such cool movies as

    Make a “Decent” so to speak attempt to turn Islam’s prophet into a
    “Conan the Barbarian” sword and sandal type.  Get a guy who looks like
    Lou Ferrignio and crudely dye his hair red, put on a fake huge mole on
    his back, and have him hack and slash and go into siezures and hack and
    slash more.  Embellish it, like have when he is destroying the idols in the
    Kaaba one of them is prayed to by a crazed shaman and turns into a big
    dinosaur monster.  Then he flings two sharp hooks on chains at it, it
    lurches launching him into the air, then he slashes it with an axe and
    it sprays blood all over ancient Mecca.

    Gory battles, often in the nude, him covered in blood and guts, his
    awesome manhood shaking…  Eat this Dr. Mahattan!  Raaarrrr! 
    Raaarrrrr!   RRRRaarrgggh!

    Oh, and the WOMEN…  Empty a few strip clubs for a week.  Fill the
    movie with luscious babes in revealing fantasy clothes and have him heap upon them tons and tons
    of … uh…  Prophetic Dictation, yeah…  Umm…  Well, for Ayesha they could contract a wee lassie from “Toddlers in Tiaras” but obviously her
    S— scene would have to be offstage!!!

    If the Jews/Israelis have to make a disgusting movie people die for, let
    it be a GOOD Bad movie…  I mean, those people rioted because of the
    insult to their prophet, but really, aren’t they embarassed they saw
    that!?  I mean “Turkish Star Wars” and “Knight without a Horse” are
    Sooooooo much better.  It’s painful to watch even for someone not of the
    faith of Islam.

    There’s Bad bad bad bad bad like this movie….
    And there’s Good bad, like “DeathStalker”, “The Sword and the Sorceror”
    and Bob Guccione’s “Caligula”… 


    • Andrew

      Your reality tunnel may see Jews, but mine is seeing radical Christians.

  • DeepCough

    Looks like we’re gonna have to wait and see on that one.

  • arfer

    The special edition of this film is due out in the spring. It will contain 3 additional hours of low production quality.

  • lena11


    • Auto5734955

       I think what he did was a crime against the Muslim faith and that he should be extradited to Mecca for trial.  That would make an example of those who wish to stir up trouble using the exact same thing the Jews call Antisemitism, which is the color of their crying towel. That might teach others to feel the way they wish but to keep it to themselves. 

      • Andrew

        There’s no such thing as a crime against faith.

  • Chihab Fethi

    IN my opinion the actors who acts this must be punished because they cause for us  a lot of problems in our society a

    • Andrew

      Didn’t read the part about their lines being overdubbed against their wishes, did you?

  • Equal

    Don’t you people see it ?!! THIS MOVIE WAS DONE BY AMERICA ! ONLY TO LIGHT UP THE FLAME AND THE EMOTIONS OF MUSLIMS AND TO SHOW THEIR NEGATIVE SIDE !!! I am ASHAMED of this  !! We should respect them ! As they respect us ! We respect Christianize , Jewish , BUT WHY NOT ISLAM !! ISLAM IS NOT RELIGION OF TERRORISM !!! ISLAM IS A PEACEFUL RELIGION !! 

    • Andrew

      Nope, I don’t see it.