Ask The Democrats: Can We Trust Romney With Obama’s Kill List?

Were the GOP presidential ticket to triumph, could the American public count on Mitt Romney to properly order hush-hush drone killings of U.S. citizens as we now trust Obama? Last week Gawker‘s John Cook put this question to Democratic National Convention attendees (including DNC spokespeople, Senators Carl Levin and Chuck Schumer, and Newark mayor Cory Booker), eliciting some jumbled answers to the softball question of why Barack is the best man to choose whom to extrajudicially assassinate:

  • Sal Squatch

    Mittard Romney is a false profit.  Barracks Obama is the real deal.


  • Andrew

    You should’ve thought of that when he assumed such dictatorial powers.

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    • Bigal

      What? Policy difficult or not is open for discussion. Apparently not by the politicians though. The rest of the world probably thinks we agree. Glad to see questions being asked.

  • Simiantongue

    A supposed nation of laws, laughable. I trust no one with a kill list. Contests of financial interests masquerading as a battle of ideals. Both sides are essentially the same party with some minor social disagreements. You’re no better off choosing one portion of the business party over the other. That’s the nature of partisan politics in a nutshell.