Brusha Brusha Brusha: Nigerians Set to Tackle Guinness Record in Toothbrushing

Picture: Angie from Sawara (CC)

The best thing about perusing the Guinness Book of World Records is discovering how many records there are for the weirdest stuff: Most Needles Inserted in Head (2,009), Sitting in a Bathtub with the Most Rattlesnakes (One rattlesnake would be too many for me, but one maniac managed to snuggle up with 87 of the creatures), and Most People Dressed Up as Smurfs (1,253), among them. Now, a group of Nigerians are going for another oddball record: The World Record in Oral Hygeine.

Striving for a Guinness World Record in oral hygiene, officials in Lagos have called on 300,000 students to take out their toothbrushes on December 5 and start scrubbing simultaneously at noon.

The current record was set in India on October 9, 2007, when 177,003 people gathered at 380 locations and brushed at the same time, according to

Nigeria wants to shatter that mark, organisers of the Lagos World Record Tootbrushing Challenge told AFP on Thursday.

Clearly, America is lagging far behind in the Oral Hygiene Race. Just think about all of those shining Nigerian chompers next time you can’t be bothered to brush your teeth– Think of them and brush  for your nation.

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  1. Anarchy Pony | Sep 14, 2012 at 4:09 pm |

    Their teeth may end up shinier, but mine are invincible.

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