Cop Breaks Into Project Freedom Apartment, Assaults Woman in Wheelchair and Her 4-Year-Old Son

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Authorities say they have no idea why Sgt. Mark Lee, an 18-year department veteran, burst into the apartment at Project Freedom, a home for people with disabilities on Hutchinson Road. Knocking the woman from her wheelchair, Lee also allegedly went after the boy and assaulted him as well.

“He went berserk,” the father said of Lee this afternoon. “He broke in the house, knocked her down, tried to get on top of her.”

“Then he grabbed my grandchild,” he said. The officer said, “I want the boy, I want the boy.'”

Lee was charged with official misconduct, two counts of aggravated assault, one count of endangering the welfare of a child, five counts of aggravated assault upon a police officer, and one count each of burglary, harassment and criminal mischief

The boy’s father, also in a wheelchair, was unable to help as the family’s home health aide fought back against Lee, the man said.

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  • BuzzCoastin

    “He took his clothes off, gun, uniform, and pants, and tried to jump out the window,” the man said.

    Fellow officers sent out on a 911 call of a woman being choked found
    Lee sitting on the couch, the prosecutor’s office said. They arrested
    him and took him back to headquarters.

    While he was being transported, Lee allegedly kicked out a rear
    window of a patrol car and escaped. Officers chased him down and took
    him back into custody after a struggle, the prosecutor’s office said.

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    • Haystack

      As crazy as that is, I’m nonetheless surprised the cop didn’t get away with it.