Jeremy Scahill Calls Out MSNBC’s Democratic Convention Coverage

Scahill challenges the MSNBC panel regarding the “revisionism and jingoism” on display at the DNC, with John Kerry and Joe Biden criticizing the war in Iraq almost ten years after they voted for it:

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  1. Give `em hell, Jeremy!  My Democratic friends’ eyes glaze over when this subject come up.  Those of them who don’t accuse me of being crazy and not caring about their health care, that is.

    Come to think of it, my Republican friends’ eyes glaze over when this subject come up too.

  2. VaudeVillain | Sep 12, 2012 at 5:57 pm |

    It’s so cute how everyone else in the room just stares at him uncomfortably while he eviscerates their idols.

    It’s much easier to do with conservatives, but they don’t usually get that panicked deer-in-the-headlights look.

  3. when I watched Gore & the Blue Party Senators
    shut down the contesting of the FLA vote
    in the Electoral College of 2000
    I knew fer sher the fix was in &
    that the Red & Blue Parties
    worked for another secret party

    but it seems that the herd hasn’t realized they’ve been rustled
    watch and decide for yourself

  4. When Democrats complain about the prosecution of the Iraq War, conservatives respond that Democrats voted for it too. And that, of course, is true. But what people seem to be forgetting is that there is one and only one commander-in-chief, and one and only one branch of government that controls the collection and dissemination of intelligence information (Hint: That branch is not the legislative). Let’s do remind Kerry and Biden of their votes on the Iraq War Resolution, and let’s do remind ourselves who was the “decider” at the time. No one is innocent here.

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