More Than 100 Arrests By Midday Of Occupy Wall Street Anniverary

A year after it all began, the Occupy protests returned to the New York Stock Exchange this morning, with more than a hundred arrests notched by the early afternoon. Raw Story reported a few hours ago:

A New York University professor and an artist featured in The Nation magazine this month were among more than 90 people arrested early Monday morning as Occupy Wall Street marked its first anniversary with various demonstrations in New York City. “Just grabbed off sidewalk, along with everyone else,” artist Molly Crabapple said on Twitter shortly after being picked up by police.

Elsewhere, Jacobin magazine founding editor Bhaskar Sunkara reported that NYU Social and Cultural Analysis professor Andrew Ross, was arrested as part of a demonstration in the lobby of the JP Morgan Chase building on Park Avenue. “Cops are never friendly, but these cops aren’t cops,” Sunkara said. “They’re militarized beyond comprehension.”

9 Comments on "More Than 100 Arrests By Midday Of Occupy Wall Street Anniverary"

  1. OccupyLosers | Sep 17, 2012 at 2:49 pm |

    Great job morons.

  2. What has OWS accomplished since it started, could someone please answer that for me.

  3. if it was China
    Hill and the Freedom Fighters would be all over this
    cry’s of “Let’s get the blind Dude to Freedom fast.”
    would ring out among the people
    but since this is happening in The Land of the Free
    being arrested for protesting is freedom
    you have the right to remain silent is the last freedom left

  4. Lenin before starting revolution wrote dozens of books. Bolsheviks had ideology.
    What ideology do OWS have? What society do they want? Were are their books? 

    •  Reading Adbusters magazine may not be the worst place to start if you actually wanted an idea, as it is the organization that originally made the call to start Occupy Wall Street in the first place…

  5. buffalo beano | Sep 20, 2012 at 5:31 pm |

    NYPD , Anti American militarized pigs . Most American goats will disagree . soldiers died for freedom of speech ..

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