Nigerian Woman Gives Birth to “Funny Creature”

Picture: Liza Phoenix (CC) reports that a Nigerian woman gave birth to a horse-like creature this past Tuesday at the World Liberation Ministry in Benin City:

The woman, we were told, had been in her matrimonial home for 11 years without a baby and the pastor said there was ‘a woman here for 11 years, no child,’ that the person always got pregnant but whenever she went for test, it will show and at another time it will not show again”.

Ogbovoh continued: “So the woman came out and the pastor said ‘let us put you in an all night on Friday, but the woman pleaded with the congregation to go on with the prayers since she may not be able to wait. So the pastor now agreed. The pastor called her and asked the men to give little space and the pastor insisted that something inside the woman was not a human being, he said it was a funny creature.

When the creature came out, it did not look like a human being but it looked like an animal”. Asked about the whereabouts of the woman and her name, the pastor’s aide explained:”We don’t even know her or whether she came with any member of her family. Nobody knows where she came from. We don’t always take records of people who came from outside Benin City but we know our members. We were expecting the woman to come back here today (Wednesday). People always come here to receive miracles and after that many of them come back to thank God for delivering them”.

The ministry reports that the woman fled the scene. The whereabouts of her, or her demonic horse-baby, is known.

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  • Yup

    Jersey Devil 

  • Infvocuernos

    “‘a woman here for 11 years, no child” – “we don’t even know her” really?  Some priest in Africa makes up a story about a “funny creature”-the least you could do is photoshop up some pictures.

    • Matt Staggs

      My photoshop skills aren’t that great, but yeah, I thought that, too.

      • Ted Heistman

         Why so modest? The beaver with the glowing red eyes was a thing of beauty!

  • Littlemisteramerica

    The dahli llama.

  • Nickll

    Terribly Wrote , practically gibberish!

    • Matt Staggs

      I agree. It was very difficult to parse, but I think the take-away is “Holy crap! Horse-baby!”

    • Anarchy Pony

      I think it may have been a bad translation.

    • Sue Squatch


  • Ted Heistman

    She gave birth to a furry? Wow that’s one kinky chick!

    • Matt Staggs

      The father might be a brony…

      • Ted Heistman

         I was thinking “boytaur” from the picture, given the special placement of the water level in the depiction, but yeah bronie works too.

      • Anarchy Pony

        HEY! I take exception to that!

  • jasonpaulhayes

    Wait until you see the pics, it looks like a Goat with an elongated Human Head.

  • BuzzCoastin

    forty-five years from now the horse child will be elected Emperor of Der Homeland
    and great controversy will arise surrounding his humanity

  • Ted Heistman

    Is this the artist?

    A lot of her stuff is pretty cool

  • Antediluviancurrent


  • bobbiethejean

    Pics or it didn’t happen. 

  • Rayjon26

    Where are the pics of this “thing”

  • Rayjon26

    Where are the pics of this “thing”

  • リカルド 忍者の心

    why those things only happen in churches?!