Occupy Obama: A Communiqué from Occupy Chicago

Natalie Solidarity writes at Diatribe Media

Every four years we are asked to step into the ballot box and select a fellow citizen to represent the United States of America at home and abroad. Again and again we are presented with two options whose solutions for the world fail to address even our most basic of needs. The situation is so dire that we are often told to select “the lesser of two evils” without even the slightest hint of humor, and this election cycle is no different. We have been presented with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, whose plans for the United States fail to address the gravity of the global failure of capitalism. In response, this year we must refuse to put our future in the hands of any evil, be it Democrat or Republican.

With the upcoming presidential election we are going to be given two sides of the same corporate coin. Without question we reject the idea that Mitt Romney, the man behind Bain Capital, can do anything other than gut what remains of the public sector, destroy what remains of our social services and empower corporations to further take over our country.

Barack Obama’s agenda is not so different from that of Mitt Romney’s. If Obama is elected we will continue to see more human rights abuses, the rolling back of our constitutional rights, and a continuation of the silent coup that corporate America is enacting on the remains of our sham of democracy.

Now more than ever, our United States is in need of change, and that change must come from us, the people. We can no longer rely on politicians to save us. Politicians are bought and sold by the very interests that are destroying our society, and our president Barack Obama is no different. After coming into office under the guise of hope and change we have seen more of the same policies and actions that brought us to our current situation. Now more than ever it is time for a real change.

September 9/4 to 9/6, Occupy Chicago will join with activists around Chicago and the nation to take a stand. During the DNC, we will highlight the contradictions between President Obama’s promise of “hope and change” and his actual policy decisions during a three-day occupation of his campaign headquarters. Each day will feature actions, teach-ins, and opportunities to share in community and grow our movement.

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17 Comments on "Occupy Obama: A Communiqué from Occupy Chicago"

  1. herds are slow to comprehend danger
    have to be driven with whips and noise
    only dire circumstances drives the herd to stampede
    and they stampede when its finally too late
    into the arms of the next bandits

    instead of trying to save the herd
    try to free yourself from the herd
    there’s greener pasture there

    oh& don’t forget to vote this November
    let’s make sure the right lizard gets in

    • You don’t have to worry about it, Bob Neveritt (aka bob dobbs) has already assumed control of the Presidency. I am his officially appointed ambassador to China. Relax, allow, and enjoy the rest of show……….welcome to “Lockdown Bobrule”………..

      •  lol, who’s bob dobbs?

        • DiscipleOfBOB | Sep 2, 2012 at 5:41 am |

          “Bob” is the greatest salesman in the world, even out selling that old pitchman Death on many occasions. All Hail “Bob!”

          •  yes, that’s the bob i know & his wife connie too

          • The real Da Shan 大山 | Sep 3, 2012 at 10:34 am |

             The new Holy Trinity……..Bob, Connie, ION. The new “eucharist”……….RnA drops. The new mantra…….”relax and allow”. The new technological environment………cold fusion and its effects. Hey Buzz, Bob said to tell you hello! I’m in China right now, Beijing area. Hey DiscipleOfBOB, i’ve actually met Bob. Have you?

          • yeah, Bob and I have collaborated on McLuhan stuff
            but since Ion we’ve not been doing much together
            I dig his sincere hucksterism gig
            but it’s not my thing
            & yeah, I’m in Beijing too & I know your scene

          • The real Da Shan 大山 | Sep 4, 2012 at 10:23 am |

            Buzz, i like your Zen poetry,
            let’s hang out sometime and have some laughs,

    • MoralDrift | Sep 2, 2012 at 5:29 am |

      i dunno i would agree but what greener pastures? I dont know of too many and the ones remaining wont be for long

      I’d say the only thing one can do is free their mind and put their personal circumstances in the best possible setting……

      • as far as i can tell
        the greener pastures can’t be spied from within the herd
        but i haven’t found a shortage of greener pastures yet
        i have a plethora of options right now & now’s all there ever is anywho
        butt i do agree that a centered state of mind overcomes difficult circumstances

  2. Why not start “occupying” from School of Economics of Chicago University. Most of the evil to world comes out of there, starting from Milton Friedman. 

  3. Jason Quackenbush | Sep 2, 2012 at 3:14 pm |

    it’s sad to see the occupy movement become so irrelevant so quickly.

    • aaroncynic | Sep 3, 2012 at 1:08 pm |

       Care to expound on that? How is it irrelevant, how did it become irrelevant, and why?

  4. Alexandra | Sep 2, 2012 at 5:06 pm |

    Addressing this issue, PIRGs from Colorado and California are launching a huge campaign to overturn Citizens United and pass a constitutional amendment to refuse corporations their citizens’ rights. This campaign will be long and fierce and, hopefully, will include more than 25 states across the country in the nearest future, depending on the success of Colorado and California

  5. Genuine question: Where was the Occupy presence at the RNC? I heard no reports of protest. Is Occupy one-sided now or has there been some sort Republican co-option happening?

    • Jin The Ninja | Sep 3, 2012 at 7:31 pm |

       according alt media/indie media/prog media the turnout was small, but it did happen.

      •  I wonder if a larger turnout at the DNC will be covered/spun by the media outlets who tend to traditionally side with the Republicans or if it will get the same amount of coverage as the RNC actions.

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