Protect And Serve: The Best Of Police Training Videos

Recently screened at New York’s Spectacle Theater, Protect and Serve is a mind-bending mashup film juxtaposing police behavior with the warped-reality instructional materials that perhaps shaped their outlook:

A short compilation of golden-age police procedural tutorials, self-defense training vids, and the most nightmarish amateur footage of macings, beatdowns, and brutal assaults ever captured by the public.

  • Nunzio X

    Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife are turning over in their graves.

  • Chaorder Gradient

    was pretty reasonable until about 11:45

  • MoralDrift

    this is fucking ridiculous

    • Jin The Ninja

      i have an uncle who owns a jiu-jitsu school. a lot of cops train there. i trained there a couple of times. the cops always wanted to partner with me b/c i’m slighter than them. they wouldn’t just spar, they”d hit full on.  jiu-jitsu is full of sneaky, cheap tactics.  i assume that’s why cops like it.

      • MoralDrift

        perhaps…they are also quite fond of the “pepper spray an unarmed man multiple times” school of martial arts

        • Jin The Ninja

          of course. they’d resist anything that actually meant protecting citizens.

  • Calypso_1

    Beer fu vs. Pepper Spray.
    Dude didn’t even flinch.

  • Calypso_1

    I’d had to meet a biker with yellow/brown/purple wings.

  • Calypso_1

    If that had been a real cop he would have cuffed the pregnant woman then tasered her to induce delivery.

  • BuzzCoastin

    Protect And Serve:
    First of all kudos to the marketing genius that concocted that branding statement for the Pigs. 

    The Land of the Free has more cops & more people imprisoned
    than any country in the world, so they must be doing a great job.

    Hog Farming is big business too, besides great training films to be bought & sold, there are:
    uniforms, guns, cars, gasoline, office furniture & supplies, offices & jails, civilian support, pensions, health care, retirement plans and of course courts & lawyers.

    Plus, the Pigs create revenue through fines, bribes and confiscations.
    Here’s a little article from Police Chief Magazine on revenue enhancement:

    Protecting & Serving the Elites is Big Bizmess
    and once again Uncle Homeland is Numero Uno.

  • david couper

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