Psycho Chef Slow-Cooked His Own Wife

Picture: LAPD (PD)

Via the LA Times:

Los Angeles chef David Veins is currently on trial for the particularly gruesome murder of his wife, Dawn. In a confession to police, Veins said that after asphyxiating Dawn with duct tape, he deposited her body in a 55-gallon drum of boiling water and slowly cooked her body over the course of four days. Afterwards, he disposed of all of her remains but her skull. This, he hid at his mother’s house. Why did he do it? If Veins knows, he’s not telling:

Sgt. Richard Garcia asked Viens what happened the night of Oct. 18, the last time his wife was seen.

“For some reason I just got violent,” Viens said, according to an interview played for a Los Angeles jury Tuesday.

Read the rest of the story at LA Times.

  • Ronniedobbs

    deep frying is better (burp)

  • Rev. Good Hair

    Why is this even illegal?

  • Calypso_1

    I’m inclined to think the locavore movement as reached an apogee.

  • Vickii_dodge

    off to the psychiatric ward for you.

  • Vickii_dodge

    off to the psychiatric ward for you.