Scientists Implant Short-Term Memories in Rat Brain tissue

Picture: Janet Stephens (PD)

Via ScienceDaily:

Evoking scenes from science fiction B-movies, (I’m looking at you, Battlefield Earth), scientists at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine succeeded in implanting rudimentary memories in sections of puny rat-brains! rat brain tissue.

In their study, the researchers sought to better understand the mechanisms underlying short-term declarative memories such as remembering a phone number or email address someone has just shared.

Using isolated pieces of rodent brain tissue, the researchers demonstrated that they could form a memory of which one of four input pathways was activated. The neural circuits contained within small isolated sections of the brain region called the hippocampus maintained the memory of stimulated input for more than 10 seconds. The information about which pathway was stimulated was evident by the changes in the ongoing activity of brain cells.

The experiment will pave the way for a greater understanding of how short-term memories are formed, according to the article at ScienceDaily.

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  1. Anarchy Pony | Sep 13, 2012 at 12:27 pm |

    Battlefield Earth? A B-movie? That’s awful generous of you.

    But anyway, this is some messed up shit, The CIA can’t wait to be startin’ some manchurian candidate style bullshit once they work their way up to humans.

  2. oh please
    tissue transplants aren’t necessary to implant memories
    it’s easily done all the time by everyone
    sometimes this propensity to adopt “altered” memories is used for nefarious purposes

    for example: everyone remembers seeing both towers collapse on 911
    but the footage of the second tower collapse wasn’t shown till 24 hrs later
    so on day one
    no one saw both towers go down on TV
    but everyone remembers they did
    is that important
    only if you want to know how memory implantation works

    this article helps implant the memory
    that they need to touch your brain with knife
    in order to implant a memory

    • The article implants the idea in my brain that they can implant memories with a knife, not that a knife is the only way to do it.

  3. Leave the poor little rats alone. Use people if you must.

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