The DisinfoCast with Matt Staggs: Comedian, Media Critic Ron Placone

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Ron Placone is a comedian, writer, segment-host and media critic who is currently promoting his one-man show, “Madness in the Message”, a multi-media performance piece on media criticism. Join us for a conversation on how and when the news went wrong, and making comedy out of the tragedy that is mainstream media.

1 Comment on "The DisinfoCast with Matt Staggs: Comedian, Media Critic Ron Placone"

  1. it’s commonly thought that being a media critic
    requires one to critique content
    McLuhan, the grandaddy of media critics, always asserted
    that the mediums are the message/massage
    a media critic critiques the mediums and not the content per se

    most of the ludicrous psyop that passes as news and content
    could not be disseminated without electronic media and it concomitant effects
    it’s hard to do Shock & Awe in a newspaper
    but really easy to do with electronic media
    a mind numbing technology that prepares one’s brain for the “news”

    the reason most people are stupefied by media is not the content (though it helps)
    but the technology used to deliver the content
    McLuhan Through The Vanishing Point

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