The Wit And Wisdom Of Sun Myung Moon

The International Cultic Studies Association has a roundup of life advice from the just-deceased reverend, whose spiritual insight led to a multibillion-dollar business empire, millions of devotees, and the admiration and friendship of presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush:

On Democracy: “My dream is to organize a Christian political party including…all the sects. Then, the communist power will be helpless before ours….But when it comes to our age, we must have an automatic theocracy to rule the world.

On Lies: “If you tell a lie to make a person better, then that is not a sin.”

On Race: “Father thinks about the three races, yellow, black, and white. Orientals can contribute in the spiritual aspect, white people can contribute in the analytical, scientific area, while black people can contribute in the physical area.”

On Marriage: “You will be happy to die on the earliest possible date. You will be pleased, won’t you? (Yes!) But before you die, you must be blessed in marriage! If you die without getting blessed in marriage, it will be awful. So, wait until that time to die.”

On Give Up Your Mind: “First of all, mind must be offered on the alter through True Parents.”

On Ambition: “Our motto this time is for each of the fundraising teams to earn $12,000.00 a month, a high goal….I will train the fund-raising team to make at least $3,000.00. When I mobilize 10,000 members, it means $30 million n a month. Then we can buy Pan American Airlines, and the Empire State Building. We shall buy Ford Motor Company, not to speak of the Empire State Building. That’s possible.”

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  1. Sam Squatch | Sep 5, 2012 at 11:58 am |

    I demand more in a cult than Pat Morita in a bath robe and Burger King hat.

  2. saint_al | Sep 5, 2012 at 1:42 pm |

    “If you tell a lie to make a person better, then that is not a sin.”

    Get yr justification here. Double coupons for double standards.

  3. Lunatics and Fools…As always.

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