“What You’re Doing Right Now Might Not Matter at All”

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  • Jawn

    Lewis Black called, he wants his style back. Man, this guy is harder to watch than Alex Jones…

    • Sue Squatch

      To tell you the truth, I never even thought much of it with Lewis Black.

    • Oh Hello

      Everyone does these quick cuts between sentances now. To seem just as dynamic as everybody else who’s doing them.

      I enjoyed the message, all the same… but found the intro/outro song most annoying and pretentious.

      • Oh Hello

        I really did like the message though. Seriously, thumbs up! Keep up the good work!!!  Ignore picky dicks like us please. We are lost in our own petty preferences.

  • http://buzzcoastin.posterous.com BuzzCoastin

    In the spirit of the title, I skipped the vid.