“You Won’t Believe What You’re Eating”

Check out our interview with Lee Camp on the DisinfoCast!

More Lee Camp at www.LeeCamp.net.

2 Comments on "“You Won’t Believe What You’re Eating”"

  1. Comedy and tragedy mix very well as Lee displays here. My Favourite rant so far.

  2. Hey Lee,

    Missed ya man.  Motherboard and video card died…  This was a good one, in fact have you been in my store listening to me?  This sounds like one of my daily rants, though mine are sanitized out of necessity.

    If you are ever in the Seattle area let me know man; would love to buy you a drink.  Palast was here night before last – speaking – and though I had to miss it – it nearly killed me! – I did tell a lot of people about it though.

    Keep up the good work. 

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