5,500-Year-Old Tomb Found Beneath Swedish Stonehenge

Would you dare to tamper with the burial chamber of the mythic King Ale the Strong? Via Live Science:

A 5,500-year-old tomb possibly belonging to a Stone Age chieftain has been unearthed at a megalithic monument in the shape of a ship called the Ale’s Stenar (Ale’s Stones). The tomb, in Sweden, was likely robbed of stones to build the Viking-era ship monument.

Perched on a seaside cliff in the village of Kåseberga stands the Ales Stenar, also called Ale’s Stones, 59 massive boulders arranged in the 220-foot (67-meter)-long outline of a ship. Most researchers believe the 1,400-year-old ship structure is a burial monument built toward the end of Sweden’s Iron Age. Local legend has it that the mythic King Ale lies beneath the site.

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  • http://www.ContraControl.com/ Zenc

    What are they doing?!

    Didn’t these people read _Rawhead Rex_ or at least see the movie?

  • lucifer69

    I bet it is a black man inside. They are every where.

  • lucifer69

    The caucasains have been known for burying things and then digging them up ten years later and lying about the findings. I saw how they blew off the noses on the statues in Egypt and replaced them with pointed noses. Why?

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