• jakegreen

    But humans are too small to damage the world. The capitalists told me so.
    Despite the incredibly overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

  • drew hempel

    Typical linear analysis — “only time will tell” — reductionist b.s. Scientists keep having new studies saying the damage from global warming is at a faster rate than previously predicted. Hmm. Nonlinear feedback going on? Nope. Only “time will tell” – so we can’t make any predictions based on 200 species a day going extinct. haha. A great lecture showing the end result of this “egghead” linear logarithmic analysis is Dr. Albert Bartlett’s Arithmetic, Population and Energy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOrvGDRLT7A I know – it’s a dated film and everyone is already aware of Julian Simon supposedly debunking the UN 1970s study on limits of the environment. Just dare to watch Bartlett’s lecture and be blown away but how the math says it all — forget all the rhetoric about policies, etc. Yes time will tell — logarithmic based math with a linear-based definition of time will indeed create a mass extinction of life on Earth. Despite the scientists stating it hasn’t been proven yet. haha. It’s the slow cooking frog paradox that can only be savored by Dr. Albert Bartlett and a few other awesome scientists out there. Cornell’s Pimentel is another good one.

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