Barack Obama is the True Conservative

Picture: Joshua Debner (CC)

Michael Tracey writes at Counterpunch:

Listen to the right-wing these days, and you’re bound to hear ad nauseum about Barack Obama’s allegedly ‘radical socialist’ agenda.

Box office record-smashing documentary “2016: Obama’s America” argues that the president endeavors to actualize the “anti-capitalist, anti-Christian, and anti-American” ambitions of his late father by destroying our country from within. (Because Obama, of course, hates America).

Echoing this sentiment, Mitt Romney has declared that Obama harbors “a vision of government that is entirely foreign to anything this nation has ever known.”

But wait just one second there, Mitt. As Joe Biden might put it, this is all a bunch of malarkey. Nothing about Barack Obama’s tenure in office thus far indicates that he is a stealth Marxist, wussy peacenik, Muslim Brotherhood booster, or any of the other countless caricatures dreamt up by unhinged internet commenters.

Newsflash: He has basically managed the executive branch as a conservative.

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5 Comments on "Barack Obama is the True Conservative"

  1. Mitt Romney is in fact the conservative running. Word meanings change over time and the word defining a group, IMO, belongs to its current members.

    The difference between neoliberal right-centrism and neoliberal “left”-centrism in policy, means that right-centrists favor marginally lower tax rates and bigger tax exemptions for the super-wealthy paid for by cuts in government services that do not provide them with direct profit. However, the marketing strategies of the two brands of centrism are the biggest difference.

    Right-centrism is marketed to conservatives using direct appeals to bigotry directed against minorities, because the modern conservative demographic can be summarized as aging white Religious Right anti-science bigots. And while these bigots are told that the targets of those service cuts are the minorites they hate, a great many of them are going to find their own services cut if they get what they ask for,

  2. BuzzCoastin | Oct 27, 2012 at 10:05 pm |

    it matters not what Obama or Romney stand for
    they will both be obedient to those who paid for the election
    to assume otherwise is to completely ignore history
    and to partake of the ‘Merkin Dream

  3. Anarchy Pony | Oct 27, 2012 at 10:10 pm |

    Obummer and Romneytron are both up in the upper right corner of the political orientation chart, on the right and up towards authoritarian.
    And also, fuck Virgil Goode, up, down, and sideways.

  4. He is neither a conservative nor a liberal. He he a globalist elitist.

  5. Basically don’t believe a fucking thing any of these candidates say. Just pay attention to who their advisers are and once elected who they put in their cabinet and what legislation they pass.

    That tells you all you need to know. The rest is play acting and pandering.

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