Bigfoot Once Again Spotted In East Texas Woods

The visual evidence, including the new photographs, of the Bigfoot allegedly lurking outside of Dallas is fun, if not necessarily convincing. One wonders why snapping Bigfoot with a camera always results in a blurred, grainy image, even in the era of digital photography. Via KLTV in Texas:

There have been reported sightings of bigfoot in remote East Texas locations, and even near Dallas, and a photographer says he has proof that bigfoot may be closer than we think. The Dallas area photographer, who remains anonymous, was never a bigfoot believer by his own admission.

He shot images in Shelby county of something moving in the woods…something large and hairy watching from the trees. But light and shadow can play tricks. East Texas bigfoot researcher Mike Hall and his team from Texla crypto zoological research examined the images to see if they have merit.

“Some of the shots you can actually make out what looks like a pair of eyes. There is something there staring back at him taking video. There is something there, question is, what is it?,” Hall says. One shot looking very similar to the Roger Patterson bigfoot film of 1967 [with] a crest or conical ridge on what appears to be the head.

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  1. Matt Staggs | Oct 26, 2012 at 8:02 am |

    Mitch Hedberg offers this explanation:

  2. bobbiethejean | Oct 26, 2012 at 9:11 am |

    A while back, I was driving home and I saw this guy bicycling down the road with his ass completely hanging out of his shorts. And he had no shirt on so I mean we’re talking almost full Monty here. I whipped out my phone and snapped a pic because I’m an asshole and I thought it was funny.

    My phone has a bajillion mega pixel camera. When I got home to show my room mates, you could see every black, curly hair on his square, pasty, white bum, little zits here and there, a few moles, and a big red spot that looked like an insect bite. Mind you, I braked but he was pedaling away at a pretty good pace and I still managed to get a PAINFULLY crystal clear shot of his hairy, white ass hanging out the back of his shorts.

    Another time, with that very same phone, I managed to snap a shot of a buzzard sitting in a tree. I could see the little striations in his feathers and the worm-eaten texture of the branch he was sitting on.

    This is just a PHONE. A Samsung Galaxy PHONE. A fucking PHONE. These bigfoot clowns expect me to believe that, in a day when nearly everyone has phones they can take pictures with, telephoto zoom lens cameras, digital enhancement programs, and such technology, that we haven’t managed to take a clear picture of a large, humanoid ape running around the Americas?

  3. I was convinced the moment I saw that inexplicably accurate and highly detailed drawing in the picture next to the article….

  4. I have a GoPro now and I live in WA state. Bigfoot’s ass is grass! Prepare to be captured digitally Sasquatch!

  5. How about “allegedly spotted”? Wouldn’t that make more sense? No, because Disinfo likes to spread disinfo.

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