Daniele Bolelli’s Drunken Taoist Podcast: Episode One

Picture: Daniele Bolelli (c)

Disinformation Company author Daniele Bolelli (50 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know: Religion) has launched his podcast The Drunken Taoist. You can download episode one, featuring comedian Duncan Trussell, here. Bolelli, a religious studies professor, mixed martial artist, writer and philosopher, has gained a bit of a cult following after appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, the Duncan Trussell Family Hour and our own DisinfoCast. Listeners have been asking him to start his own show for months now, and it’s nice to see him step up to the mike. Give it a listen. The guys chat about mushroom spores, the perils of over-specialization and much more.

1 Comment on "Daniele Bolelli’s Drunken Taoist Podcast: Episode One"

  1. Bojangles | Oct 28, 2012 at 3:23 pm |

    Just found you guys. Love the title… although, I’m much more a puffer. Anyway… just wanted to call out your first guest (sorry.. don’t remember the name.. Love you – didn’t catch your name.. anyway) In one sentence (actually two) you make LSD references and make it apparent you’ve more than just experimented. In another sentence.. maybe 10 minutes apart you are railing football players as idiot neanderthals. Don’t ever ever ever mess with your brain you advise. Yo! .. Love you, guys. Peace and understanding!

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