Did David Icke Call Out the British Establishment’s Pedophile Jimmy Savile?

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David Icke plays Wembley Arena this weekend. It’s much bigger than his usual venue, the more modest Brixton Academy which has a maximum seated capacity of 2,391. This year Icke has gambled on an additional ten thousand people turning up. Tickets are still on sale at around £50 and it will be interesting to see how well attended his latest nine hour marathon is. Particularly given the way in which major news events have recently tended to favour his world view.

Disinfonauts are likely to be familiar with Icke’s story. He first became famous in the UK as a TV sports personality for the BBC. He then went through some sort of ‘nervous breakdown’ or ‘spiritual awakening’ and appeared on television in 1992 to be ridiculed without mercy. His subsequent writing and speaking career has gathered a considerable worldwide following over the years. That said his worldview has also shifted and evolved away from the shambolic TV appearances of 1992. Back then his style was much more ‘new age’ compared to the occasionally quite abrasive version of him you get now.

Icke’s ideas are the result of research. He takes liberally, and from various sources, a worldview that effectively combines many of the major disparate aspects of conspiracy theory subculture. Once woven together the uber-paranoid all encompassing world view you’re given does appear to yield a kind of low resolution picture of future events. This is enhanced by the collective mind of his popular forum which covers the news and fleshs out some of his ideas from an Ickeian perspective.

Economic voice reports :

David predicted the current economic crisis, the attack on the World Trade Center and the exploits by individuals such as Jimmy Savile long before they became news and hit the headlines.


Icke however goes on to elaborate beyond the idea that Savile’s perverse interests were limited to underage sex and rape but also necrophilia and in recent Youtube broadcasts he has cited this as another reason for Savile’s choosing to be a voluntary hospital porter, which may have given him access to dead bodies.

And David’s focus on Savile does not end there.

Icke has said that Sir Jimmy (who had very close relations with the British royal family) procured underage girls for sex with members of the rich, famous and powerful, so could this be the reason for his seeming immunity during his years as an active sex offender.

Who knows what the real truth is on this, but as more information comes to light about the alleged Jimmy Savile/BBC cover-up, the ridiculous is becoming more plausible than the facts presented by the establishment that tried to hide Savile’s exploits.

The British people want to know who else is in on this giant child sex ring as well as establishing how far towards the top of the establishment it goes.

Economic Voice

That a BBC children’s presenter, Sir Jimmy Savile, was also one of the UK’s most active serial pedophiles is still a shock that is reverberating throughout the United Kingdom. Sir Jimmy Savile, was a TV and radio presenter who fronted various kid’s shows for the taxpayer funded BBC. The most famous of his shows was called Jim’ll Fix It where kids all over the UK would write letters to him personally to ask if the show could grant their various childish wishes. This was allegedly comissioned after complaints about Savile’s sexual interest in children had surfaced.

The ramifications of the story are however far bigger than just another stomach turning media scandal. In his lifetime Savile had been embraced at the very heart of the British establishment. He was entertained by the Prime Minister Margret Thatcher at chequers, blessed by the Pope and Knighted by the Queen. It has recently come out that in the 1980’s he was taken on by the UK’s Conservative Government to look after a high security mental hospital, Broadmoor, where it appears he was given his own set of keys despite no related qualifications or training whatsoever. He was, it seems, given carte blanche to go wherever he liked, whenever he wanted, in a number of NHS hospitals. All the while telling others he was untouchable.

It remains a mystery to many why Her Majesty’s police never managed to catch the man. Scotland Yard now describe him as “one of Britain’s worst sex offenders”. Furthermore some people are saying his sexual predilictions were a bit of an open secret at the BBC in the 1960’s and 1970’s so it’s troubling to think that he was not screened out of the British Royal Family’s social circle by an organisation such as MI5.

One thing is clear, Sir Jimmy Savile operated underneath the nose of the UK’s establishment and only in the aftermath of his death did anyone dare take him on. Ironically it was the BBC who moved first with an investigation by it’s flagship news show Newsnight. Then, at the last minute, it stopped the investigation and went on to apparently attempt to kill the story before it was picked up by rival broadcaster ITV. Why that was is now the subject of intense speculation and has led to the BBC producing a documentary about itself: Jimmy Savile – What The BBC Knew.

However the root of its decision to pull the initial Newsnight expose remains unclear. The programme’s editor, Peter Rippon, initially took full responsibility and has since ‘stepped aside’ from his role. His claim, that the idea to drop it was entirely his, has been questioned. According to this morning’s papers last night’s BBC expose of the BBC missed vital emails suggesting Rippon’s decision was influenced by a ‘chain of command’:

The Daily Mail:

One potentially devastating email from Newsnight reporter Liz MacKean, who oversaw the doomed investigation for the BBC2 programme, discusses the reasons for the report being axed and names her editor, Peter Rippon.

It was sent on or around November 30 – 24 hours after Mr Rippon had expressed his firm doubts about the show.

In it, Miss MacKean talks about Mr Rippon’s ‘latest panic attack’ and recalls him saying: ‘Internally Liz, this is a very long political chain’, Channel 4 News reported.

Mr Rippon has always insisted he alone took the decision and it was made for editorial reasons. But he was forced to step aside from his job as Newsnight editor yesterday and many insiders feel he was placed under huge pressure from within the corporation.


A third source claimed the contentious emails referred to a ‘chain’ going ‘right to the top’. Miss MacKean has declined to comment.


[My emphasis]

What exactly ‘right to the top’ means is unclear. The BBC is constitutionally established by a Royal Charter but fiercely maintains its editorial independence. It’s Director General was being subjected to interrogation as this piece for Disinfo was being filed. The truth at the moment is that there’s no ‘official’ narrative yet, investigations into the late Sir Jimmy Savile’s activities are still ongoing.

Nature abhors a vaccum and the lack of any coherent explanation means that, for some this weekend, stepping into the void of uncertainty will be David Icke and his claims that the UK establishment is really a collection of pedophillic blood drinking shape shifting lizard people. It surely can’t harm his ticket sales for the ambitious event.

Nick Margerrison

I write on Disinfo for fun, I've been a fan of the company for years.

In the real world I'm a freelance TV/radio presenter. I've worked for LBC, Kerrang Radio, The Bay, Edge Media TV, Hallam FM and The BBC.

My podcast is here: http://thecultofnick.libsyn.com/

24 Comments on "Did David Icke Call Out the British Establishment’s Pedophile Jimmy Savile?"

  1. nobomney2012 | Oct 24, 2012 at 1:52 pm |

    Huh, this article immediately brought to mind an interview David did with Alex Jones 4-5 years ago where David claimed there was a world-wide elite pedophile ring. I scoffed at the idea at the time, but maybe he was right.

  2. There really is an elite pedophile ring. This guy is rhe best researcher for that out there. All his info is backed up with court documents too. It ties European Royalty and elite intelligence, Banking money laundering, Iran Contra. Seriously very scholarly https://wikispooks.com/ISGP/dutroux/Belgian_X_dossiers_of_the_Dutroux_affair.htm

    • charlieprimero | Oct 24, 2012 at 8:49 pm |

      Interesting site. I’d never seen it. It appears to contain many hours of interesting reading. Thanks Ted!

      • No Problem, man. share it with your friends, and tweet it. The guy is the best researcher ever, all backed up with hundreds of footnotes and references to primary sources.

  3. “Right at the top” means really powerful banks aligned Military Intelligence, and Government Leaders.

    This is no bullshit

  4. The Lizard thing is really not that crazy. Its kind of like if you took a bunch of DMT and looked at a person that was a sociopath basically you might hallucinate that they look like a lizard. That’s all its really based on.

    We have primitive parts of our brains that are really old and have been with is for millions of years and the parts related to empathy evolved more recently. So a lot of Power hungry Fascists operate from the lizard brain and tap into that archetype.

    I mean campy stuff is fun but the pedophile thing is really real. Seriously if you are interested in this check out this link. https://wikispooks.com/ISGP/dutroux/Belgian_X_dossiers_of_the_Dutroux_affair.htm

    • Daniel Reasor | Oct 24, 2012 at 3:09 pm |

      That’s essentially the reading I get from Icke. Calling the ruling class a population of shape-shifting, bloodthirsty reptiles is symbolically, artistically true. It’s not literally true, but it’s still exactly how things are.

      • BrianApocalypse | Oct 24, 2012 at 3:27 pm |

        If you want to use it as a symbol or metaphor, that’s fine. But Icke is presenting it as a literal truth. The concept of the Draconian race was an idea that was bandied about in New Age circles before Icke ever talked about it, along with a bunch of other alien races like the Nordics, Greys, Lyrans etc…

        • Ted Heistman | Oct 24, 2012 at 4:49 pm |

          The Draconian race is a mysthology that some people self identify with. Like that DeVere guy.

          • No, no, no. Brian is right. David is saying this is literally true. One of the few things that keeps him at arms length, so to speak, for me. Another is my indelible memory of sitting in the switching facility in Omaha and reading on HIS website, HIM saying that he was formerly Dr. Cameron of the famed Montauk project. But enough about David…

            While we are talking about Omaha, though I was completely unaware at the time, this story reminds me of the Omaha incident. Sorry, it is late and I cannot remember the names on this but, there is a film that was set to run about Boys Town and the sex ring with the local politicians there. I wanna say it was set to run on the Discovery channel but might have been another educational type channel. My buddy in Memphis remembers the title and the channel and the names but he is asleep right now.

            Anyway the local prosecutor was trying to bring the case but witnesses would keep recanting, refusing to testify, or just plain disappearing. Finally he contacted this channel and they did a film to get the word out, but a couple hours before it was set to run they cancelled it. The film was on YouTube last time I looked, but now? Who knows. I will see if I can get the name tomorrow and post it. Or maybe someone remembers the details.

          • BrianApocalypse | Oct 25, 2012 at 6:27 am |

            Icke actually claimed that he personally was involved with the Montauk project? It would be interesting if you could dig that reference out, maybe at archive.org or something?

          • I don’t want to sound like a broken record but seriously read THIS LINK! I know in this day and age we get flooded with info but the “signal to noise ratio” is really good and will answer your questions/recollections with footnotes. https://wikispooks.com/ISGP/dutroux/Belgian_X_dossiers_of_the_Dutroux_affair.htm Its all in there about the Sex ring at Boys Town etc and much more.

          • BrianApocalypse | Oct 25, 2012 at 9:23 am |

            That may be true, but Icke really does consider reptilians to be an actual, physical phenomenon. Somewhere along the line, it’s possible that what started as a kind of mythology or symbol that certain people believed turned into a more literally believed conspiracy through a kind of Chinese whispers process.

            There is a whole, loosely connected community of New Age type people with highly delusional beliefs about themselves. I have met people who claimed to be things like aliens, or angels, or representatives of higher powers. A good example of the kinds of people I’m talking about would be most of the guests on Project Camelot. They make claims that sound like they’re straight out of a science fiction story (a pretty bad one!) and offer absolutely no evidence for it all. And yet the associated community laps it all up and just accepts it as part of the overall mythology of their worldviews. Another example would be the ‘Ashtar Command’ community. Take a look at one of their forums sometime, they’re full of people claiming to be the commanders of ‘light ships’. Channeling is another source of this stuff.

            Icke has said that the main thing which got him onto the whole reptillian angle was a period of his life when he kept repeatedly encountering individuals who claimed they had either seen or had other experiences with shapeshifting lizard people. He said he encountered so many of them that he had no choice but to start accepting it as a reality. But I think there is a far more simple explanation, which is that he was just meeting the same kinds of people that I described above, people who had got caught up in the mythology of New Age conspiricism. Considering the types of social circles he was mingling in at the time, it makes sense.

          • Well, its a weird thing. He writes from kind of a Shamanic perspective and kind of a weird pastiche of other more journalistic stuff mixed with some “really out there” New Age material. This actual shaman dude from Africa befriended him and I am sure to him Icke made perfect sense.

            when I read journalism, I like good scholarship and footnotes. I love me some Noam Chomsky and Alexander Cockburn. But I also have another side to me involving my own personal shamanic experiences, visions, DMT trips, out of body experiences.

            With Icke all this gets mixed together.

            But I will say when you dig really deep into covert politics you quickly get into some really Fortean directions. So Icke dumps it all on you up front. I read it with kind of a soft focus, kind of like it was fiction from Philip K Dick.

            But if you like more scholarly research, not to be a pest and spam this thread, you really should check out the link I posted here three times already:


          • BrianApocalypse | Oct 25, 2012 at 8:14 pm |

            That link does look very extensive. I will make my way through it.

            I think the kind of Ickean summaries you’re talking about can serve as fuel for a certain kind of alternate perception which can lead to some interesting mental/spiritual destinations. But I also kind of see Icke’s world as something a like a fever dream.

            The ride that Icke’s (and other’s) stuff can take you on needs to be disembarked at some point, in my opinion. If you’ve been on it long enough, eventually you realise you’ve been going around in circles for a while…

          • Yeah, I part company on the whole Moon thing. and agree about going in circles. Eventually I think hopefully when more comes to light on various elites and the really creepy things they do Journalists will come up with better ways of framing the problems and challenges to democracy.

            For a long time though Icke was the only one covering certain things. But if you read some things by people like Michael Aquino, you see some real life counterparts to Icke’s nightmare narrative. When you have elite Military Intelligence holding Black Mass in Nazi castles and writing memos about mind control you realize that…Its almost like you couldn’t make this shit up.

      • Shape shifting might be more accurate in terms of behaviour shifting, the public face of psychopaths versus the private face of psychopaths. Psychopaths can not even be considered primitive humans, they are just broken genetics defects who a solely motivated by being destructive parasites upon the whole of humanity.
        We can test for them now, it is high time to start specifically excluding them from position of control, governance and influence.

  5. BrianApocalypse | Oct 24, 2012 at 2:58 pm |

    Icke merely presented other people’s research as his own, and is now disingenuously trying to use the confirmation of some of it as validation of his entire worldview. Almost everything you read in Icke’s books is the regurgitated ideas/research of other people, but as he is far more famous than most of the fringe conspiracy theorists he rips off, he tends to get the credit.

    I remember in one of his earliest books, “The Biggest Secret”, he made oblique references to an ‘insider’ source with top secret level security clearance in the US military who had talked about the Illuminati/UFOs etc etc… Icke made it appear as though this ‘source’ had revealed these astonishing secrets to him personally, and he was protecting the guy’s identity. In fact, this ‘insider’ was Bill Cooper (who happened to despise Icke), whose books anyone could pick up but was not very well known. Icke simply regurgitated some of the info in Cooper’s books.

    As has become clear with the Savile case, his activities were an “open secret” in certain circles. Many people knew what he had done, so Icke can’t exactly claim any personal credit for exposing it. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t talk about it, but it annoys me that he’s trying to claim some kind of personal victory through this.

    • Yeah, gotta agree with you on Icke. The only thing he really does well is connect dots that other people have uncovered. He’s a good speaker, but just a story teller. I remember he once had an anonymous caller claim she had been at an event with one of the Rothschilds and she saw Zechariah Sitchin change from a reptile to a human form. Hey we can’t expect him to go get a real job at this point.

      I look at him the same way I look at Alex Jones, I don’t trust either of them.

  6. BuzzCoastin | Oct 24, 2012 at 7:03 pm |

    kewl, a blurb about Icke in the Ickean style

  7. They waited till he was dead cause he knew all the secrets, and people that were in on it with him that could crash way more that his little world.

  8. All pedophile’s should be called out! Period!

  9. Ok, gettin really fed up with the Icksters, I tweeted Icke and asked him to please verify, which book, chapter and page he exposed Saville before his death. No reply, i re-tweeted, nothing, the Tap blog regurgitates Ickes delusional shite, and all they seem to quote is The Biggest Secret, they think, not sure but yeah, think so. shape shifting lizards!!?? the dumbed down need leaders and it appears they’ll fall for anything, even blatant lies, worse still they pay to see it and they’ll buy the t-shirt. Can ANYONE, please confirm where Icke exposes saville, I believe Icke is involved and his handlers have something on him, he claims he knew since the late 90’s but said nothing in print, why!? we know why but can’t prove it…..yet.

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