Enter the Uncanny Valley with Animated Giorgio Tsoukalos

There’s already something endearingly cartoon-like about Ancient Aliens star Giorgio Tsoukalos: his hair alone has launched a thousand memes, to say nothing of some of his Cosmic Love God fashion sense and compulsive quotability. (To his great credit, Giorgio is very much aware of his internet-fame and has a wonderful attitude about it. When I met him two separate kids approached and asked if he “was the guy from the memes.” Giorgio responded with a friendly smile and struck this pose long enough for each of them to snap a photo.)

Well, anyway, now Tsoukalos isn’t just cartoon-like, thanks to the efforts of one animator. Check out this (admittedly creepy) animated take on Giorgio. (It seems to be a one-off effort, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a Tsoukalos & Pals cartoon in my local television listings….)

4 Comments on "Enter the Uncanny Valley with Animated Giorgio Tsoukalos"

  1. "Big" Richard Johnson | Oct 25, 2012 at 7:06 pm |

    This is pretty funny.

  2. Giorgio, as such, does not exist.

  3. His comb over is a metaphor in ancient alien circles.

  4. nice try, but not so much.

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