Exorcisms Performed; Rates Reasonable

I’m sure they are reasonable.  But watch out for the hidden fees and subscription-based extras (e.g., “ectoplasm removal”, “ongoing psychic remediation”, etc., etc.).  From Alanna Gallagher at The Irish Times:

FIFTY-YEAR-old Patrick McGuire is a banker who grew up in a haunted house in Dublin. As a child he complained to his mother about being kept awake by a presence.

“She saw him quite a few times … a person walking across the hallway,” he explains. “One day we had a house guest who said she was psychic and asked for permission to walk through the house. She said the property had a spirit and that it was protecting the family. She pointed to a formal room that we never used where she indicated that a duel had taken place. During the fight a man had been killed.”

There was never any malice, McGuire says, it was just a fact of life in the home he grew up in.

The malevolence we expect from haunted houses is apparently the stuff of Hollywood fiction, yet one exorcist, who doesn’t want to be named – a practising Catholic priest – has noted “a huge increase in people needing deliverance. Their lives are absolutely miserable. They don’t want these spirits.” One family he worked with had to flee a new home because there were so many reported happenings.

Demand far exceeds his ability to supply spooked homeowners with counsel, he says, adding that the service is free, but church donations can be accepted.

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6 Comments on "Exorcisms Performed; Rates Reasonable"

  1. Liam_McGonagle | Oct 26, 2012 at 3:58 pm |

    “. . . is a banker who grew up in a haunted house in Dublin. As a child he complained to his mother about being kept awake by a presence.”

    Mother: “That’s just Father Tom performing an excorcism, dear. Nothing to worry about. Just get to sleep.”

    Pat: “I know that’s Father Tom! How do you think that ectoplasm got all over my sheets?!”

  2. bobbiethejean | Oct 27, 2012 at 6:13 am |

    What a bunch of nonsensical woo-woo. I don’t understand how anyone can be dumb enough to believe this crap.

    • well, I’ve seen stuff… It’s a worldwide phenomenon as old as time. You want proof? There are numerous of spirit evoking practices you can try but its’ dangerous work. Summoning spirits is risky business

      • bobbiethejean | Oct 27, 2012 at 1:24 pm |

        I’ve had experiences myself and in every single one, people were seeing what they wanted to see. I’ve been to numerous seances and psychic readings and I’ve even performed a few myself. I used to read palms. People are gullible and they want to believe inherently.

        • I’ve seen spheres of light in my room when I was 9 (and I freaked out). I’ve also seen spheres of light in the sky (white and orange) twice in my life and one ufo looking thing during the day 10yrs ago with the school bus driver as my witness. I have an “odd” friend who told my roommate that she seen 2 blue entities follow me into my room a few years ago. Its a strange world

          • bobbiethejean | Oct 27, 2012 at 3:10 pm |

            There are several possibilities I see when someone tells me they’ve experienced supernatural events:

            1.) They really did experience some supernatural phenomena.

            2.) Simple Misperception/misinterpretation of normal visual input. .

            3.) Waking dream.

            4.) Hallucination.

            5.) psyched up/adrenaline response.

            6.) Delusion.

            7.) Lying

            The latter options have a strong precedent and have been proven to occur. If it was the first one, I would have no way of knowing that since I didn’t experience it for myself. I’m not accusing you of lying or being delusional- not at all. I’m not invalidating your experience either. I’m saying I don’t know. I wasn’t there. I can’t take your word for it because there is such a strong precedent for the later 6 options and not very good evidence for the first option. In short, I’m a skeptic but I’m not closeminded.

            And for the record, I experienced things too when I was a kid but that’s the thing…. I was a KID. Kids have very vivid imaginations. That “ghost” I thought I was seeing lingering in my doorway every night, that was my mother checking on me before I went to bed. That “floating white head monster,” was probably a waking dream. See what I mean?

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