Defining Fourth Generation Warfare in John Robb’s ‘Brave New War’

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Jack Donovan reviews John Robb’s “Brave New War” for Alternative Right:

I’ve been following John Robb’s blog Global Guerrillas for a few years, and while I was able to absorb some of his prescient thinking online, I just recently finished his 2007 book, Brave New War. It’s written the way all books concerned with big ideas should be written. Straightforward, unpretentious, no-nonsense. Brave New War is as fast, loose and effective as the open-source networks of insurgents and transnational gangs Robb describes. It’s a tight notebook and a quick read. While many of Robb’s examples are drawn from his analyses of US adventures in Iraq, his observations will be cutting edge for most readers. So many of us are still thinking about war the old-fashioned way—the way that is so over it almost seems quaint.

Brave New War is basically about Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW). Robb argues that conventional wars—where nation-states meet on the field of battle and slaughter each other in a manly and dignified fashion—have become a thing of the past. Nukes beat rock, paper and scissors, and too many nations have them—or have friends who have them. Further, the concept of the nation-state is evolving. Because of globalism, the interests of nations—and the global corporations that camp in them—are too intertwined to make all-out war feasible. The economic interdependency of the US and China is an obvious example.

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  1. Ted Heistman | Oct 22, 2012 at 11:52 am |

    I don’t like Spooks, they lie and serve the interests of the Elites. They are whores selling themselves to power. These ideas don’t originate with him, BTW. He’s not that prescient, he’s just ahead of the establishment. The establishment needs guys like this. But people that come up with awesome ideas don’t need the establishment.
    I guess it would be cool to be James Bond, but not when James Bond sells heroin and crack and spies on the American people. Fuck the CIA, Fuck Airforce Intelligence, fuck the NSA, Fuck DARPA. Fuck “Suits and Spooks” Fuck the Navy Seals, Fuck “Black OPS” Fuck the Black Budget. Fuck whoring your soul to the oligarchy.

    • I hear you on the Elite agendas but JR isn’t like that. Check out his blog and the new one he’s running, Resilient Communities, helping folks prepare for the coming economic collapse . Spooks don’t encourage you to get into permaculture.

      • Ted Heistman | Oct 24, 2012 at 5:40 pm |

        Why not? Spooks do all kinds of shit. Why wouldn’t they want to gather intel on hippies growing stuff?

        • You’re right. Anyone who grows his own vegetables is a threat to the state and must be monitored.

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