Precedent Set: $5 a Gallon Gasoline Leads to Easing of Environmental Regulations for Refineries in California

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Gasoline closing in on a record $5 a gallon prompted Governor Jerry Brown to direct California regulators to relax smog controls so oil refineries could increase supplies of cheaper fuel… [granting] refineries permission to make an early shift to winter-blend gasoline, typically not sold until after Oct. 31.”

Some have cited problems at refineries for the spike in fuel costs, some have put the blame on a short squeeze, some have suggested that policies and regulations that “insist refiners produce a specific blend of gas to meet tough state air quality standards” are the culprit, while others have been warning us for years of pending higher fuel costs due to peak oil.

Speculation, however, as to the causes of the price spike are a moot point. What matters is the admission by our representatives in government that our current economic system cannot support high oil prices, and that the environment and our health will be sacrificed to keep the machine churning.

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5 Comments on "Precedent Set: $5 a Gallon Gasoline Leads to Easing of Environmental Regulations for Refineries in California"

  1. Who can trust any of these lying bastards? They’ll make up any excuse to raise the price of gas!

  2. This is about higher profit margins on more expensive fuel rather than actual shortages. Who controls the price of gasoline? Who contributes to political campaigns?

  3. emperorreagan | Oct 27, 2012 at 6:40 pm |

    Short term economic considerations always trump long-term strategic planning – partly due to the dynamic of the election cycle, partly due to corporate bribery of politicians, and partly due to politicians using their offices as naked money grabs.

  4. How does corporate cum taste, Gov. Moonbeam?

    • The only thing that was ever progressive about Jerry Brown was his carefully manufactured image.

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