Send Robert Greenwald To Pakistan

Longtime disinformation collaborator Robert Greenwald has a new project in the works and he’s asking for your help:

When we started our Rethink Afghanistan work over three years ago, we were a very small minority who believed the war and escalation of troops were a profound misuse of lives and money. The investigative videos, actions, and a full length film created with your help changed that. We moved public opinion to oppose the longest war in American history and the continued spending of billions.

We recently released a video on drones (below). This short and the Stanford/New York University report ‘Living Under Drones’ brought new attention to the issue with dozens of major outlets giving us press coverage. We are now preparing to do a deeper investigation to set the record straight on these killing machines.

A key turning point in our Afghanistan work, was when many of you helped make a trip there possible. Because of your support, I was able to travel to Afghanistan to see firsthand what was happening, to talk to the people who were directly affected, to film their stories, to accomplish in depth research uncovering facts that were not available in the US.

It is time for me to go to Pakistan; to interview, research, film and to share the stories. Can you help make it possible? We have an ambitious plan of interviews and filming. We need your help.


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3 Comments on "Send Robert Greenwald To Pakistan"

  1. Could there really be anyone in America who doesn’t know these drone strikes are wrong?
    If there are, would this in anyway change their minds?
    How would you get people with closed minds to be open to the possibility that their wrong?
    Is the American public smart enough to decide this question?
    Why can a democracy wage war without a popular vote?

    I’d donate for research into those questions.

  2. In all honesty, I’d rather we send Dick Cheney. 

  3. In all honesty, I’d rather we send Dick Cheney. 

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