The DisinfoCast: Episode 31: Philip Coppens, ‘The Lost Civilization Enigma’

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Journalist and researcher Philip Coppens joins the DisinfoCast to discuss his new book ‘The Lost Civilization Enigma’: a new work that posits civilization may be far older than what conventional wisdom dictates – maybe even ten or twenty thousand years older.

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  1. I tend to agree that civilization is probably far older than we accept, and I really found the interview intersting.
    As a serious question/observation, it seems like an odd double standard to say modern scholars are lying, but the ancient scholars wouldn’t. It’s not a stretch to see the benefits of proving divine lineage by saying God built your temple, or your ancestors have ruled forever.

  2. The Bible: Genesis 6vs.2 ? Gobekli Tepe in Turkey? Genesis 4: 22 before the flood? The book “Forbidden Archaeology”, Recent Asian “Red Head Caucasians? Mayan 5th cycle of purification begins Dec 21,2012. Age of Aquarius underway? China Thorium LFTR style Peace Reactors begin 2017
    (See : 2017 is the date given,
    for scalable, safe cheap, pressure dome free, benign waste, cheaper
    Thorium fueled, de-centeralized, cooling water free, easy to
    reproduce nuclear reactors. Fracking is ruining the underpinnings of
    artesian formations across the U.S. Fracked Gas wells are very short
    lived affairs! Edgar Casey warnings? Earth quakes in America? Known World Thorium stores are estimated to last all mankind 1000 years. Wastes from Enriched Uranium reactors is fuel for Thorium LFTR reactors? Current Solar and Wind installations have proven inadequate to support the Cheap Oil Age’s “American dream lifestyle” and it is diminishing rapidly with foreclosure, bankruptcy and failure of whole American cities, and a new sustainable lifestyle is evolving.
    “”One of the most significant events in this recasting was the realization in the early 1980s that the average American consumed as many natural resources as 1000 average inhabitants of India. It was also realized that the average American produced as much waste (including the all important carbon footprint) as 2500 Indians! even today, the ratios are still approximately 1:300 (US compared to India) and 1:500 compared to
    China.”” End-times for the 200 year American paradigm?

  3. Blessed be the Name of God

  4. Listened to the podcast and thought it made sense that civilization was much older than traditional history would have us believe. Then I read the original article about the tools discovered in South Africa from 71,000 years ago or so and thought that was a great synchronicity and further evidence of this.

  5. Now I know, it’s been driving me crazy, the headshot looks like the cowardly lion from the wizard of oz. Sorry philip, love your stuff…it’s just the headshot.

  6. Episode 35: Reality is not supposed to be comforting. Anthropocentrism is the worst fallacy of all.

  7. Who says that the Egyptians were stupid stupid stupid stupid? I’ve never heard a scientist or historian propose that. They’re pretty sure they had electroplating down to a fine art. Indeed it’s generally accepted that whilst IQs climb generation upon generation, this is more to do with changes in the way we use intelligence functionally than due to our ancestors having less mental capacity. What with numerous hominid species seemingly having a form of culture and being genetically related, even interbreeding directly with early man, we may as well extend our concept of ‘us’ further to include very very ancient forms of culture now almost totally lost to us.

  8. Tom Lupul | Jan 14, 2013 at 4:21 pm |

    I love the Ancient Astronaut Theory, I think it makes perfect sense. I’m sure that Ancient civilizations had more technological capabilities than we give them credit for. I love Phillip Coppens for his willingness to look at both sides of a debate. He will truly be missed. He seemed like a kind, thoughtful person. I hope his wife and family are doing well. Thank you Disinfo, and Matt Staggs specifically, for this interview as well as everything else disinfo does.

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