Video Of Barack Obama’s Birth In Kenya Revealed?

Well, probably not, given that the newborn appears to be about a year old, the obstetrician has a chic 2012-style haircut, and the whole thing is shot on an iPhone. Nonetheless Obama Sr. Filming His Son’s Birth in Kenya gives us a chance to see the elusive footage that Tea Partiers have spent four years vainly searching for:

  • SamDurak


    • Ray Butlers

      Ya think?

  • Estanislao

    That’s so full of shit. That baby is way too old. His eyes are too big & wide for a newborn. There’s no clamping of the umbilicus. He was pulled out like a rabbit from a magic hat. The mom don’t look like crap after the delivery. And yes, that looks like a video phone app.

  • Andrew

    Comedy bronze!

  • JohnFrancisBittrich

    See also: digital watch, Kenyan flag that didn’t even exist yet.

  • saint_al

    Well, naturally this video will get the FWD reposting by people who can only type in All Caps. Really weak effort by the makers; hope some Romney campaign cash was blown here.

  • Roark

    Even David Icke ain’t buying it!

  • Liam_McGonagle


    BHO is a 4 dimensional hologram beamed to earth from the forward base of the Tralfamadorian alien species located on Saturn’s moon, Titan. His message is of Hope and Peace.