• Tarkan

    Great stuff….she deserves a media award of some sort!

  • bal

    Fuck you, Abby. The arabs started it, and they’re to blame for the outcome. Maybe the journalists shouldn’t be in a war zone with islamists as the government.

    • Phil Gibbons

      Israel started it off with the Nakba. Israel should go back to its 1946 borders and disappear from the earth. The world had enough of Nazi behavior in 1945. So why the hell should the world tolerate a murderous regime like the Israeli government? Using the holocaust as an excuse for being total bastards to the Palestinians no longer works. Norman Finkelstein wrote all about it in “The Holocaust Industry”. So all Zionists and their continual lies should get stuffed.

  • Phil Gibbons

    Well done Abby Martin! The world is beginning to wake up to the continual lies and distortions of the Terrorist State of Zionism. These bloody liars are annoyed that you got their number and have come out with the threats. This scum showed their hand with the murder of Rachel Corrie and the 9 Turkish aid workers.

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Ominous Forewarning from Prof. Norman Finkelstein: “I do think there is a plot, a conspiracy afoot… all the western powers are now acting in concert for a decisive moment.”

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