An Intro to Farm Shares and Community Sponsored Agriculture

Comics artist Colleen Doran writes a quick and breezy intro to the world of farm shares and farm credit programs. Establishing trustworthy ways to get fresh, healthy, non-GMO food is going to become increasingly important. Doran gives an overview of what’s available and links to get started.

via A Distant Soil:

In almost every major metropolitan area, and most rural areas, you will find farm shares or CSA’s, “Community Sponsored Agriculture”.

A CSA is, basically, a food subscription service.

Depending on the program (and they vary widely between suppliers,) the CSA will supply weekly, biweekly, or monthly food subscriptions for a flat annual fee which will cover the farming season, usually around half the year. If you live in California where the season is long, you can get a year-round subscription.

The farm will provide you with a prescribed amount of food per drop based on whatever is in season. My family is looking at one agricultural farm share for next year which costs $20 per week for a half bushel of fresh produce, which is about 20 LBS of produce. This will include fresh fruit like blueberries, or herbs, or asparagus. The farmer picks what you get.

Because we grow a lot of our own food, we really don’t need a major farm share subscription. We’d just like to supplement what we grow with food from a farm that meets our same organic standards.

Our local farm share also offers Farm Credit programs.

For a fee of $100, you get $115 of credit and may choose from whatever happens to be available at the moment. So, if you have a CSA and happen to get eggplant, and you can’t stand eggplant: goodie. You won’t get stuck with eggplant. This farm also takes barter and has payment plans. They are committed to turning no family away. They also have intern programs that will allow you to work in exchange for food.

Almost every farm share program has a wide variety of plans from which you can choose what best suits you. You just have to do a bit of shopping around…

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  1. So, I clicked around on the linked site some and found a local CSA participating farm.

    I’ll probably subscribe, since a member of the household is doing the “Vegan” thing for health reasons.

    Thanks, Thursdaynine.

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