“Are We Stuck in Permanent Childhood?”

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  1. teachpeace | Nov 14, 2012 at 12:33 pm |

    Some of us do not frequent “malls”. And if we do find ourselves there once in a very strange while, it is accompanying someone running a brief errand. They are a freakish bazaar of “tomorrow”, a place to see and be seen, decked out freshly in the latest. A road to bankruptcy, literally AND figuratively.
    Some of us prefer thrift or second hand. Just yesterday, I bought a new, with tags still attached, long sleeve, high collar pull over for approx $2.99. ( purple color tags are half off this week!)
    And also Farmers markets are a good place to see that “locals” are supported , and art is encouraged
    by our patronage.
    We are huge fans Lee ! Keep up the good work……

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