“Bilderberg Discusses Economic Trends and What Will Be Happening” – Pataki

Luke Rudkowski gets another chance to talk to former Governor of NY George Pataki about his participation with the secretive and elusive bilderberg group. The previous conversation didn’t go as well, with Pataki at first denying he ever attended the meeting. A lot of the questions raised by Luke were diverted by Pataki, but he still did reveal that the most powerful people in the world of politics, technology, agriculture, media, fiance and business come together in secret to discuss what “will be happening”. This leaves them with an advantage since most of the attendees are in control of the issues discussed and their future.

Via WeAreChange

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  • Yer Dad

    Unbeatable way to insure people won’t
    pay any attention to what you have to say.

  • Miracles

    Your tinfoil hat is slipping off, best correct yourself.

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